Lag spikes fallowed by forced log outs of account.

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    • Lag spikes fallowed by forced log outs of account.

      Lag spikes droping fps to 0 and ms increasing to 200-300 for 5-10 secs fallowed by forced log out. Usually in caerleon, i have all my settings on low. I can be standing in caerleon waiting for guild to group or waiting for hce and just like that lag spike and log out. Its even worse in open world when i start combat, i just stand here while my friends watch how i die without reacting CUZ MY SCREEN IS FROZEN!!! and this started happening after last updates, i had no problems before that, other than low fps(18-26). This needs to be quick fixed, its unplayable and cost me alot of silver because of screen freezing. My net is not a problem here. My laptop is low end but it had no problems before, i can play lol on 50-60 fps on medium settings so its definetely albions problem.
      I see alot of simmilar posts here, does anyone know if devs are atleast working on this???

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