Rampant Underpowered

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    • Rampant Underpowered

      Guys change the rampant nature staff in incoming update. Do something with hes E for now this relict its one of most usseless item in the game. Also on ZVZ peoples prefer holly for souls then rampant from relicts. Its bad for Natures. Looks at prices on market its lower than lot of normal items. T8 or rare T8 are dead nobody wanna to craft because peoples didnt play it. U changing so many things but why not a Rampant?
    • The Rampant is still one of the top ZvZ staffs. The issue with rampant is that a small buff could make it OP in a 5v5 scenario and IMO, it was the worst thing to watch as a viewer in GvGs and made the fights boring to play in.

      Maybe it could be a 15 man E instead of 10 or maybe even make the carpet a little wider? I wouldn't buff the healing on a staff like that though. It seems to have more power potential than it does counter plays.
    • i mean bro about change to made full of stacks on 5 peoples team. Not like now 10 so its can be used on all contents on game like arena gvg hg hce where is max 5 persons team. E should be like stacks to maximum when 5 players in but heal can touch 10 players max this change will be enough and maybe lower reuse that skill like 30 sec.
    • The nerf on rampant kinda made it obsolete partly because the heals no longer keep ticking when you step off of the rampant E area. It used to be that you would get a HoT stack for every second you stood on it and could keep getting healing once you come off of it allowing you to better position yourself while still healing. Now, you need to be standing on it the whole time to receive heals, the moment you step off you are no longer being healed (similar to the wild staff except that the area that the rampant provides is less practical because it clumps up your team more than the wild staff area does, leaving them susceptible to strong AoE attacks and getting wiped).

      It's hard to fix this because while the healing is dependent on how many people are standing in the area, allowing it to heal when people come off the area is counter-intuitive to getting more people to stand on the area.