Plots in Caerleon, friend-tax

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    • Plots in Caerleon, friend-tax


      my ingame character is "Arteos".
      I craft all items at BS, Fletch, Imbuer, Tinker and refine all but Stone.
      My weekly fame is 25-50M.

      I have seen that most plot owners have a list of Friends for lower taxes, and would appreciate to join some of those friend lists.

      if you own some plots with nice friend tax (no Need to be lowest on market), feel free to make me use your plots.
      contact me (PM), offer me nice friend tax, get my confirmation (PM) and i will use your plots until the friend tax is no longer lucrative.
      Definition of lucrative : around half of public tax at outer plots.
      first lucrative offer wins, if i get one, i will edit here (e.g. "no plot xy needed")

      if this request is against some "caerleon plot owner rules", please ignore it and give me a hint.

      thanks in advance

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