[EGO] Contingent Recruitment - International / Mature / Black Zone

    • [EGO] Contingent Recruitment - International / Mature / Black Zone

      Tired of guilds that just use their guildies for their own gain? Tired of power hungry leaders who cling to power despite not benefiting their guild? Tired of elite players who treat the game like a job and expect you too as well?
      If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then perhaps Contingent is for you! Join us in our conquest of lands and territories! Share in the spoils of warfare! Become a part of our community!

      About Us

      - We're an international guild (mainly NA/EU) founded on the principles of transparency and that we're a community. We've structured our guild leadership in a way which rewards any who contribute, making ourselves into a kind of representative democracy. Most of leadership and major guild decisions is voted on by the guild, so everyone has a say.
      - Based out of Caerleon and Anglia.
      - We're a mixture of hardcore and casual players. All playstyles are welcome. Players of any experience level or background are welcome.
      - No mandatory donations.
      - No mandatory content (however certain things such as war camps, CTA's, and reset day are HIGHLY encouraged).
      - Currently a part of the alliance EGO, consisting of 1000+ players.
      - The main content we currently focus on: ZvZing, Fame Farming, Ganking, Dungeon Diving, Faction Warfare, Marketeering


      Contingent was born from the ashes of a guild called Extraordinarii, with the idea that first and foremost we're a community. Our old leader wanted to take us in a direction many of us were uncomfortable with (having mandatory content, kicking those who didn't have the same playstyle as him, not welcoming new players, lack of transparency, excessive toxicity, ect). We overthrew our leader and rebranded our guild to match our principles.

      What We Offer

      - Competitive environment without feeling forced
      - Open world PvP 24/7
      - PvE during EU/NA primetime
      - Regearing system (currently for war camps and reset day)
      - Weekly reward system for our most active players
      - Welcoming community to players of all backgrounds and playstyles. Excessive toxicity/BMing is not tolerated.
      - Fully built up guild island in Caerleon
      - Access to territories in royals, Anglia, and Cumbria via EGO
      - Access to 1000+ other players via EGO


      - Discord (free voice and community program) to interact with the community/guild
      - Ability to understand and communicate in English

      Our Goals

      We aim to form a solid ZvZ force and decent EU GvG team. Having a solid ZvZ/GvG force allows our guild to operate more independently from our allies, while subsequently allowing us to assist them more.
      Expand the content we can offer our members
      Additionally, we wish to capture and maintain territories for the silver income and season points.

      Apply to Contingent today in-game, on Discord, or via this forum post! discord.gg/dgKnnAK