Why "AOE" spells/abilities exists in games?

    • Why "AOE" spells/abilities exists in games?

      It's fun on hit huge multiple targets? Yes, No? Why?

      I discovered this kind of play when i was watching a WoW streamer, my first impression was like... "I want to understand why it's fun on pressing buttons like retard to hit a lot of things that he actual can't even see..."

      And i'm pretty sure that he couldn't even see them because of the hundreds of "spells" that came out everywhere, from him and his fellas.

      I mean, for me honestly that isn't fun, really...

      Maybe hitting 3 or even 5 targets is still realistic and relatively acceptable and fun but multiple targets?

      I believe that removing "AOE" things will be a good thing, remove it from every chest, helmet, boot and weapon. Leave it just to the giants, big bosses, dragons, massive machines, etc.

      Why is this statement about?

      Well, i guess that ZvZ battles could be more enjoyable for everyone involved in, because it can be a close similitude to a epic fights on TV shows like Vikings or GoT for instance.

      Fights where 3 men can engage 1 man, and that one only man can actually defeat them because he has more battle skills.

      Fights where you don't have to be looking everywhere because a little crossbow can shoot as if it were the mouth of a dragon... and that in the best of cases because in Albion there can be at least 3 ridiculous crossbows or any other AOE weapon that can hit “multiple” targets.

      What do you think about if AO remove/adjust AOE spells?
    • guild wars 2 has a system for keeping AOE's hitting few targets at once. this leads to zvz having players stack up on eachother to minimize damage. AOE spam is still prevalent. I think Albion has a fairly reasonable level of AOE, as AOE abilities in this game are mostly tied to long cast times and are limited to about one per player. If you remove AOE there's also ranged moves to consider, as these will pass through team members and close in on anyone that goes deep.

      in my opinion its not AOE that stifles fights like the ones you describe, but rather that fact everyone moves through eachother and zergs move like water, with anyone thats stays to fight being overwhelmed. This wont change with the removal of aoe, as direct damage will still come for you if you stay and fight pockets in 5+ v 1
    • Fusionbomb wrote:

      can u imagine FF'ing with a bunch of single target dps? lol
      talkig about FF, right know in game is another thing without any kind of challenging , ppl just pull huge bunch of mobs then AOE... Boring :/.... Kind of disapointed of vetuss likes but meh...

      Dont know about that Guild wars statement, i dont even know that game Kappa

      Anyway, i can deduce that players of this kind of games enjoy throwing spells without knowing what or how many things they hit.
    • Atkyns wrote:

      talkig about FF, right know in game is another thing without any kind of challenging , ppl just pull huge bunch of mobs then AOE... Boring :/.
      Anyway, i can deduce that players of this kind of games enjoy throwing spells without knowing what or how many things they hit.
      It’s efficient, ff is a means to an end and a slightly dangerous task. It’s intelligent to do it in a time saving manner for your own advantage (faster spec, less time caught fighting mobs). Somehow veetus encouraging smart play is dissapointing to you...

      “ throwing spells without knowing what or how many they hit”

      Maybe you play that way, but the non brain dead Players of this game are doing everything but that. Managing cooldowns is a massive portion of PvP, so knowing how many pple you can hit, and when to throw it is absolutely critical. maybe get some experience in the game before making sweeping statements that highlight your misunderstandings.
    • nop, that's not the point... Well it have playing AO since alphas and FF have change sligly but yeah, since lethal mobs have been gone, players do FF as i describe above.

      Tell you what... I can give you some tips about how to effciently FF ;)

      Topic aside, probably body blocking could give other flavour to the game, honestly that could be something amazing, dunno but interesting.
    • That actually is the point. The entirety of why it’s executed in that way. FF has changed massively over the years “kill the mage, ok now kill the warrior” to “AOE the clump” you may be alpha but you show none of the knowledge one would have over the years of watching the game develop

      Body blocking like Friendly Fire is a terrible idea. Tanking and melee will be horrendous.

      reducing the amount of players potentially caught in a AOE reduces the AOE escalation possible. Limiting the potential for small teams to fight large groups. In fact favoring larger groups over small tight knit teams. Less punishment for zergs clumping.

      as well a mechanic known as Resilience exists within the game, increasing resistances to players hit from multiple players. This in game mechanic actively disagrees with your core idea of a battle of single target players as they would all be largely mitigated by high Reslience.

      Even more, removing AOE removes almost 60% of the current spells. A ludicrous proposition, effectively asking for a new game in its entirety.

      and this whole OP is built on “I don’t think hitting huge claps is fun”

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    • Ravenar wrote:

      letwolf wrote:

      Persenely I like Rambo-style mob slashing, when a hero sweeps though them like lawnmower
      Me too, but at the same time you need to be thinking about positioning and picking your opponents.
      It works pretty well as solo. I hate group pve meta and that is fine, I don't need to do it.
      If you hate group pve and think there no position/thinking, try 4-man party in t7 (skeletal) dungeon, Blazing+Tank+Arcane with empowering beam+Cultist sandals + Divine heal... not only interesting, but a ton fame as a bonus