[28. January 2019] Nimue Patch 6

    • [28. January 2019] Nimue Patch 6

      Nimue Patch #6 - Ver. 1.13.369 / REV 134359 - 28 January 2019

      • Royal Armor can now be enchanted with the corresponding Runes, Souls, and Relics
      • Further improved Arena matchmaking to more equally balance skill levels between teams
      • GvG and Crystal Realm match result notifications changed from pop-up windows to white text to avoid hindering gameplay
      • Audio improvements:
        • Redesigned Holy and Nature Staff auto-attack and impact sounds
        • Reworked sounds for Direboar, Moabird, and Impala mounts
        • Added idle sounds to Alchemist
      • Animation improvements:
        • Updated effects for Fire Aura and Razor Cut
      • Fast travel costs have been increased for laborer journals used to produce resources or refined resources
        • The cost is now roughly the same as it would be to transport the corresponding resources (calculated at 100% laborer happiness) directly
      • Local refining efficiency bonuses in Royal Cities have been raised to make transporting materials to these cities more worthwhile. (Note: these bonuses are only part of the formula that determines total return rate in a given crafting location.) Here is how the boost to local production bonuses affects resource return rates:
        • Current (old) resource return rate: 30% without focus / 50% with focus
        • Patch 6 (new) resource return rate: 35% without focus / 53% with focus
      • Watchtower Attack Range: 15m → 20m
        • This change should make it harder to tower dive - for example, in forest territories, the watchtower should now cover the whole circular platform
      • The behavior of the Sacrifice skill has been updated for cases where the caster is below 15% Max HP:
        • Casting on self (changed): now heals before dealing damage, meaning you can no longer commit suicide by casting the spell on yourself
        • Casting on an ally (not changed): heals the ally and deals damage to yourself simultaneously, meaning you can still die when casting the spell on others
      • Christmas decorations have been removed from cities
      • Fixed an issue where GvG result notifications were sometimes sent to the wrong team
      • Fixed a bug where furniture items could not be destroyed inside buildings
      • Fixed an issue where material/resource items trashed by a player before dying were still included in total kill fame
      • Fixed an issue where items in Enchant view would stay locked when switching to Transmute tab
      • Updated loot bag visuals for red-flagged players in parties: loot bags no longer appear claimable
      • Changed the primetime of Mudpool Steppe from 05:00 UTC to 01:00 UTC as intended
      • Spell fixes:
        • Fixed a bug where spells would still go on cooldown even after failing due to target being invisible
        • Fixed a bug where AOE spells could damage players getting up from a knockdown
        • Tear Apart now spreads Bleeding stacks even when the target dies
        • Fixed an issue where Fearless Strike triggered multiple sound effects and damaged targets twice when caster was slowed
        • Fixed an issue where Threatening Smash's hit direction could be changed just before impact
        • Fixed an issue where explosive mines did not deal damage to any character when triggered by a damage-immune character
        • Replaced energy cost of "free" with "0" in all spell tooltips for consistency
      • Frost Ram is now invincible for the duration of its leap as intended
      • Unnecessary "item is no longer required" message no longer appears when upgrading buildings
      • Fixed an issue where the Party Finder could not be used when a character disconnected while in Arena or Expedition
      • Fixed an issue where party roles could not be changed in Crystal GvGs or custom matches
      • Fixed an issue where GVG ally invitations were not canceled when the invited player disconnected
      • Additional minor graphical, UI, animation, texture, terrain, audio, and localization fixes