Guild 48 Hour Join cooldown

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    • Guild 48 Hour Join cooldown

      While implemented to inhibit the rapid guild hopping of GvGers who were fighting for multiple alliances as mercenaries this feature is both ineffective and subsequently inhibitive to the diversity of alliances in this game. According to the current map layout and ownership compared to its previous states in the past, the diversity of territory ownership on the map is STILL under the previously established umbrellas of power. Essentially the people who used to pay the GvGers to protect their terries have just joined the GvGers alliances and those individuals still GvG for those same people. The mercenary guild hopping and locking mechanic has already been circumvented by these same players due to a proliferation of alt-characters which allow them flexibility in their GvG schedules. So a feature that was meant to inhibit GvG mobility does not work because the GvGers that actually matter are rich enough to circumvent it anyway. All that we are left with is a 2 day lockout of joining guilds if you leave guild twice in a single day. Remove this feature or reduce the cooldown to 1 hour, it doesn't do the job it was meant to do anyway and its just annoying to deal with as a hinderance.