Program for plot owners and plot biders.

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    • Program for plot owners and plot biders.

      Good morning.

      I will try to be fast but precise, i am a plot owner and i wish having multiple in the futur.
      I found my self writing down a lot of informations about the bids i make on others plots, about the worth besside food, taxes and what money the others make based on the food and their taxes..
      only with that i am founding my self with a ton of paper, fun % of what is really worth at the end, but i would like to not waste all my time to find a paper in all that.

      So for that ''problem'' i found a solution : creating a software completely independant (absolutely no information store/modify/taken from the game folders.) offline.
      Let me explain me what this program would look like and why this would be helpfull, after that i will tell you why i dont think its cheat. (which is absolutly not.. its like taking a calculator when trying to make a exchange with someone else.. yess you can check for the 30-50 artifact prices, + quantity per, and then calculate all your self, but its more fast with an independant calculator :) !)

      First you would be able to see the six main city, click on one and you will see the plots in them, not the real one, cause the program is offline and so there is just blanck box with number of plots (created by me in this topic :…?postID=849950#post849950) and when you click on one, you get to see a text document, and then you just add whatever informations you want to add, that way you can say you put 5k on the plot for bids.. 10m for blocks... money it did in one day .. etc etc.. pretty usefull when you want to see if the taxes is worth..
      You will also be able to click on it and click on a icone ''bid'' to make the program know that you made a bid there, so that when you open the program at the start ''menue'' you can just click on the ''bids'' option and see all bids you made and there city, and number !..
      Same for the plots you own.

      No pre informations gonna be made, its all up to you, like irl with a piece of paper.
      It would be on java, because that all i know (also begining 3D with openGL) also i dont know how to put programs online, and even if i knew im to afraid to be hack, so no worries about your confidentiality.

      Now why its not cheating ?
      For the same thing i have said earlier with calculator, also because its exactly the same as having a ton of paper, except its really creat stored, and ecologic..
      I have read some of the Game rules, and this program dosnt seems to me against the rules.
      Also no calculator gonna be made in this prgram, so no food + taxes = money calculator ! its really like in real life with a piece of paper !

      Alright its more long then i though.. sorry for that ! Now i cant wait to see what you guys (moderator) think of it.
      Also i would like to have anybodie opinions, its just that its notanyone that can save me from a ban :/


      Edit : 100% free

      MasterLoup ~ T.Ⅷ #3446

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