GUCCI GANKING (New Guild) Australian and New Zealand

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    • GUCCI GANKING (New Guild) Australian and New Zealand


      A New and Unique guild that aims to bring Australian and New Zealand players together wherever they may be and from whatever guild they may be in.

      The guild does not require you to join with your main Character but rather aims to be a central hub for Aussies and Kiwis to come play with people from their own time zone even if they are from different guilds. It offers a discord where you can communicate with fellow aussies and kiwis and thus create groups to go on events with such as:

      -PvE Fame Farms

      -PvP Hell Gates

      -PvP Ganking (which is the main event for the guild)

      The reason for this approach is that as oceanic players find it hard to gather large enough groups to compete with NA and European Guilds both in content and 24 hour group activities and due to our cruddy ping it is even harder when your 2 seconds behind other players but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to play with fellow Kwaussies and get a decent bunch of lads and lasses together to do some Gucci ganking and make some mint coin when your main guild is quite during our Aussie night prime time.

      As mentioned above the focus of the guild is ganking as it is very profitable when done right and fun with a decent bunch of lads together yelling into their mics when a mammoth is sighted. Set rules are put into place when it comes to ganking to help make it fair for everyone. These rules and arrangements are written in the guild discord.

      The Guild has an Island which will act a meeting point for players to store gear from gank sessions and also sell stuff in the auction house to fellow guild members. Instead of joining the guild you can opt to just message HolyKnight in game and I will add you to the Island and Discord thus allowing you to remain in your current guild but still be a part of Gucci Ganking.

      To Join the actual guild with a character whether it be main or alt just message me in game as well or feel free to jump into the Guild Discord to say hello and meet some fellow aussies and kiwis.

      Thanks for your time hope to hear from some of yous soon


      Lets go do some Gucci Ganking