1 What is the formula for focus improvements to farming, herbalism, etc?

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    • I hope this helps.

      Taken from albiononline.com/en/guides/article/Farming+51?p=1&f=&s=

      Albion Online wrote:

      A very important part of farming is to look after your crops and animals. You have the option of spending Focus Points to water your plants, or to nurture baby animals after feeding them. This will provide an increase in seed yield and offspring when you pick up the resulting products. The Focus cost is calculated based on your farming abilities, meaning that the more experience you have as a farmer, the less Focus you will spend watering and nurturing.

      To master the art of farming, you will need to pay attention to various details, which will allow you to save time and Silver when it comes to raising animals and growing crops. Keep an eye on the grow time of each animal and seed; this time may vary if you are raising a riding animal. If you want to save time, you can plan your schedule to match the growth times of your various animals/plants, and thus increase your production.

      The yield is also worth keeping an eye on, since you have only 30,000 Focus points to spend and you recover only 10,000 points daily (if you have Premium Status). That said, you will want to prioritize the most important products or the ones that have a lower projected yield.