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    • After hearing the sad news that people only use 8.3 for dueling/HCE and collecting dust in banks, I came up with an idea to perhaps make use of our precious equip.

      Here is the thing, the reason why Albion is so exciting is because there is so much risk involved and high reward, the adrenaline rush while we are chasing and running away is something no other mmo can deliver. As you may have guessed already, my proposed white zone is safe from losing any kind of equip. That sounds great, but I bet some of you would question the fun in that. So I propose to gamble our combat fame instead.
      When you die, you lose fame instead and may end up delving your treeline, while the opposite may grand you a faster way till lv 100.

      I would suggest the following, explanation will follow after that:

      - Remove HCE
      - Remove all mobs that doesnt provide any resource but fame to the white zone as this will be our primary fame farm zone from now on. Any future pve content related to huge fame should be moved to white zone.
      - White zone should not contain any kind of money reward system, its basicaly all about fame.
      - Increase the resource/item value in red and black zones, but make the mobs there stronger as well.
      - Instead of having high value items in chest which spawn every hour, there will be several chest who give a big boost in fame in white zones.

      My suggestions above are reasonable since we all go to red/black zone to obtain money. It only makes sense to make a zone in which we only farm fame and risk losing it the same way we risk losing our items in red and black zones. There is always a risk when adding another zone, your other zones may lose population because of it. For that reason I decided to remove HCE.
      From what I've heard, there is a big dislike from the community when people are able to farm fame safely in HCE whole day long, the grueling grind to lv 100 is also worth mentioning. The white zone will take care of both those problems, this way we kill 2 birds with one stone.

      Before we even start to talk about numbers I would like to know what your thoughts are on the direction I want to go with my white zone. With numbers I mean, how much do you gain/lose when interacting with other players in white zone? First I want to know what you guys think of my idea.

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    • Stravanov wrote:

      I understand what you're trying to do.

      But it's a bad idea.

      The devs might as well just add fame to the arena system in stead of this "white zone" you're suggesting.
      Interesting, my very first thought was the arena indeed, but thats actualy more difficult to run in order to achieve my goal. We cant simply remove the gear nerf from Arena, because this way low ip players will get slaughtered and will lose interest very fast. We cant also separate them because the que times are already slow. Why do you think its a bad idea if I may ask? I haven given this thread 10min of thought, its more about the direction I want to lead. Numbers and other small details may be tweaked, as long as we dont lose our gear and lose something else instead.
    • Midgard wrote:

      How about you have the zone have mob excecution. You die you risk trashing a piece of your precious posing gear. I’d rather that than the fame gamble proposal.
      You mean, you can only drop items when a mob kills you? I fear that would be too easy, in the sense that we can easily farm fame without having the risk to lose much. Perhaps if they make the mobs much stronger then I could agree, but then I would also like the fame to increase as well. I would still love to have a chest in the centre providing a big amount of fame, and everyone in that small zone who dies loses fame. I have not logged in since I found out my grind for high end gear is useless. It worries me that majority of people dont even care. They're happy to use that gear in HCE which I find kinda sad,
    • It has two viable options:1- Make a new server without full loot and let the players choose the best to test. This would be very good to try to bring new players into the game, since full loot only generates "the uncle bob".2- You may only gain PVP fame if you kill a target while full loot mode is on. If the player wants PVP fame they make PVP full loot.
    • I started playing mmo when lineage2 was still a thing and this game is the only one that gives me those vibes. We need the full loot and trashed gear to generate market, because where will those items go? The market will collapse otherwise. I feel also if we make a zone in which we cant drop our equip will have a huge impact on the market as well. So I propose the same idea. They need to add a system in which we can enchant x.3 gear further with risk. That would solve the problem but could potentialy kill the game if they get greedy and allow us to somehow safe enchant with money. If the devs stay true we could potentialy satsisfy everyone and grow.

      We need to think long therm. Albion as of now gets you going for a few months and thats it, making 8.3 avaliable for pvp will give the grind another purpose. Lets be fair here, the majority joined Albion because of pvp, not to grind HCE with end gear.