The Albion Wiki: New Player FAQ

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    • The Albion Wiki: New Player FAQ

      As part of the recently established official wiki - that is argueably still a bit messy ( <3 ;) ) - we have decided to collect a bunch of questions that we see from newer players regularly.

      If you are a new player, it might be worth checking out what kinds of questions we have collected so far.
      If you are a more experienced player, we invite you to check out the questions and answers as well. Especially if you are willing to help the community by sharing your knowledge or if you know a
      missing or better way of answering a question.
      • Everyone who has an account on the forums can edit the wiki.
      • If you don't want to mess with the wiki, but have a suggestion - either for a question or answer - or any other feedback, you can reply to this thread and I will try to make sure we include your feedback!
      If you can not find the answer to your question on the wiki, in any of the other threads in this forum or in the #albion-questions channel on the official Albion Online Discord, feel free to reply to this thread or create your own.

      p.s. - there is currently an on-going giveaway for contibutions to the wiki, maybe you too can win a bit of gold?

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