Ghost Strike 2x

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    • Ghost Strike 2x

      As a healer, this is not fun to play against. Or any cloth class in general. It's 2 hits and dead (basically a insta-gib in reality)

      As a healer I want the chance to counter, heal or do something. If I get cc'd and die in the cc, I am okay with that, or if I have two meele on me, fine I am dead. However standing in the back line and insta-gib from 2x ghost strike is making for bad game play as a healer.

      Now... I understand, where this hoods, cleric robe and all that to counter... however that's not my point. The bottom line is I don't think any thing for that matter should offer such a guaranteed insta gib without the player having any chance to react regardless of items to counter it. If the spell got me to near death I'd be okay with it, but the fact that it's basically a 1 shot is just poor game experience for the player on the receiving end.

    • I don't play cloth deathgivers, honestly I don't understand how it has been allowed to dominate. It's only strong because teams don't counter it properly, or push in the given space.

      The royal cowl is on a 40 second cd. Hellion shoes are 20, ghost strike can be considered to be on a 6 second cooldown, 20 if they double stack. Other than ghost strike, and the somewhat predictable chain slash, they have no persistent damage.

      If you ever see a deathgiver 2x ghost strike in 5v5, is basically a 5v4 if no one died, or 4v4 if you lost one player, as mostly that player will have used both their E and W to secure the kill. They also have no mobility with using hellion to engage. You literally have a melee (auto attack only) walking clothy with only robes for defensives. At that point, he should be dead everytime, It pretty crazy to me that a meta has developed to allow a cloth melee to use every single skill except robe to attempt to kill one player.

      On to counters, any interrupt will cancel the hellion shoes (cartwheel, snare charge, etc). Heavy mace can purge the damage stacking putting the deathgivers on a hefty cd, leaving you with a 5v4 for the next 20sec (6s before next strike). Guardian armor can half the damage allowing the deathgivers to blow all cd's without securing a kill opening up a line for punishment. Well timed gig potions will prevent the one shot, and are worth it if you go to punish them immediately.

      The biggest thing with daggers that people have trouble with are the periods between "available burst" and how to counter them. Typically, the more damage a dagger has for that available burst, the longer the the period between available burst. For example, just the ghost strike can be considered to be on a 6s cd. Both dashed used are a 20s cd, both used with royal hood are a 40s cd e.t.c. To counter them you have to identify the available burst used, and punish on the period between them. This is especially applicable to the cloth deathgivers, as they need to be in melee range for it, and are incredibly vulnerable in these periods.

      Now onto chain slash. It is an incredible skill, and it's primary focus is mobility, not damage. The main strength being the ability to reposition invisible, which is what has allowed for these cloth builds (aside from E invis, but I'll get to that) to become viable. The problem with it is that with careful monitoring of your teams position you can cause the skill to backfire on the user. This skill will always chain between closest targets. If no one is in range, it won't change. But for example, if you see the deathgivers about to go in, you can actually position you party for force them all the way back behind you, leaving him open for punishment, or position your tank closer facing the front, than your team behind, meaning he will end up chaining back away from your team. Which ever you do depends on what you can afford to do at the time.

      The danger really is with the E being a dash, allowing him to pick a target from a fair distance away from hellion shoe target. That's why mostly countering hellion shoes is your most important task, to make sure they don't have the engage, and target prediction becomes much easier. Other skills can also be great to counter, if you know the timing of the shoes. For example, frost nova can freeze them long enough to purge them, opening line for a purge and following punishment.

      Finally, moving onto the invis given by deathgiver E, well this is actually incredibly easy to counter, as it is only conditional based on damage received. Best thing is to try keep the target stacked with dots, to limit their invis, which on these builds is often the only defense. For this purpose, I believe the new Curse Q will be a great counter to hard deathgiver dives. Especially with the damage done to a cloth user stacking negative resistances. Axe Q's can also be great to keep them visible.
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