Champion Spawns

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    • Champion Spawns

      SBI is bringing in randomized dungeons in the new update. This doesn't solve the issue of people wanting to bring 20+ to a pvp/pve zone.

      What if you bring in Ultima Online Esque Champion Spawn.

      (once you kill enough in the area in a certain time period move to next level)
      You could have all the mob factions have a different spawn on the map - Fame/silver may have to be adjusted down so people wouldn't just farm a certain level and then let it reset to farm it again

      1st level - Tons of T4/5 mobs (100+ in a designated area - spawning just as quick as they go down)
      2nd level - Medium of T5/6 mobs (70+ mobs)
      3rd level - Less of T6/7 mobs (50+ mobs)
      4th level - Few T7/8 mobs (30+ mobs)

      Boss spawns - you could copy paste world bosses, but this is an opportunity to add new mechanics - or maybe just constantly spawn mobs on players while the boss is up.
      Obviously this would be open world and final boss loot would have to be looked at as SBI has a tendency to go drastic one way or the other.

      The time it would take to get to the end boss should be somewhere around an hour long with the boss fight maybe taking 15 minutes.

      This would be plenty of time for people to scout it's being done and try to stop it. There would maybe be a hour cooldown after one is done - this would give people in off hours something to do as long as they had the manpower to do so.

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    • The best we can do atm is to wait and see...

      What will sbi do ? only the next update will tell it, maybe it will go a bit like you say, maybe not.
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