A New Player Guide to Financial Freedom

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  • A New Player Guide to Financial Freedom

    A New Player Guide to Financial Freedom
    by the Albion Trade Federation, an Albion Online New Player Guild

    quick info

    • this is a recruitment post for new players who have just started playing Albion Online
    • this post assumes that your goal is to join a guild to
      • (1) learn about the basics of the game and
      • (2) to be able to afford ‘Premium Status’ by simply playing Albion Online

    • this also assumes a few other things:
    1. you are about to finish your new-player tutorial and want to leave the newbie starting zones such as “Highland Cross or Forest Cross” to relocate to one of the first major cities in Albion: Lymhurst, Martlock, Fort Sterling, Bridgewatch or Thetford
    2. you are interested in joining a community with the explicit purpose of helping new players skip some of the initial grind required to find their footing in Albion Online
      • warning: this may not be the optimal experience for everyone, especially if you are someone who gets a lot of his ‘fun’ from doing and discovering ‘everything’ for him-/herself
      • we will argue that there is so much to do and that you can still unlock and discover plenty (literally hundreds of hours worth) of stuff, that we merely build a bridge for the new, weak and sometimes confused new players into the late-game content - because once you realize what is possible this is where it gets fun
    3. you have some sort of proactive (in contrast to reactive) approach to doing this - meaning that you are willing to take on at least minimal effort to read things, seek out communication with people and are not just interested in passively getting spoon-fed: with us you can ask people about the stuff you don’t know, this is a safe environment! :)
    let's get started
    • enough talk, let's get down to business
    how does this work? what does this guild do?
    • the community was founded and is run by a few experienced players who have been playing the game for a long time and are willing to spend their time to help you
    • the purpose of this community is to provide new players with a self-empowering way to get started with Albion Online, specifically by teaching the basics and providing an infrastructure that new players can’t afford yet, especially when they are just starting out (more on that later)
    wait, nothing in life is free - why are you helping me?
    • blunt question, blunt answers:
      • helping out new players is beneficial for all of us in the long-term, because when more players make it into the end-game we have more people to make friends with, declare as enemies or hang out and socialize with
      • Albion Online is peak fun™ when you play with or against people, especially people who don’t struggle with the basics anymore
      • the implicit social agreement is that we will invest into you now and once you can (not once you have to) you will pay that investment forward to someone else who needs a little pick-me-up to get started
      • once you’ve played the game for a few months you will realize that the stuff we can provide to you is pretty cheap in relative terms - but what would take you hours or even months if you are a few weeks old - others can do in half an hour because they know what they are doing
      • we want to help you to get you out of that first learning time sink, shrink the knowledge gap and get you on an equal level faster
    but, isn’t everyone leaving you once they figure stuff out?
    • some do and that's okay. that’s is part of the thing.
    • those who stick around tend to like the more casual and friendly nature of the Guild, but for at least the first few months of your Albion experience, we think we have a pretty cozy place for you
    • we also purposefully do not cover all of the things Albion Online has to offer, specifically end-game, black-zone full loot pvp that can be extremely competitive and harsh
    • some of the organisational team of the guild has a preference for the trading / merchanting / crafting / gathering / economic side of the game, which is not what everyone tends to gravitate towards, especially in a full loot pvp game ; but those who stick around are often times into that aspect of the game
    • we want to build relationships which can persist across formal guild or alliance bordes for years and not just throw you into the wolf cage and wish you good luck
    can you, like - tell me about this financial freedom stuff?
    • yes
    in a nutshell, what are you doing to teach me stuff and how are you helping new players?
    • if you already know some of the basics of the game, here is a little breakdown of what kind of infrastructure we provide and why this is useful for new players
    • if you have no clue you can read it anyway
    how do you teach stuff?
    • during the initial founding period of the community (we started in January 2019) we will just try to answer questions you have directly, but that requires you to ask about what you don’t know, so we can help :)
    • we have a bunch of links and resources that are more or less verified to not be outdated or wrong, which is good if you are able to read
    what is this infrastructure you mentioned?
    • if you are new you can already make use of a lot of game-mechanics right from the get-go, but in almost all cases you - as a new player - do not have the character unlocks or financial means to do that well - yet
    • a bunch of older players just decided to make stuff available for you that took them weeks or months to unlock
    • the good part is that you can benefit from it immediately and it costs the older players almost nothing to keep it going
    I want more specifics
    • we have a community Discord that is intended to be a safe environment for new players to ask questions, find people who are on a similar progression level, who want to do stuff together and where we put a bit of a filter on the sometimes trolly full loot pvp crowd (I hereby warned you)
    • we offer to answer your questions, even if they are repetitive or just point you to a good resource where the questions have already been answered previously
    • we offer a free gathering gear and item replacement program that will supply you with the very basics to allow you to gather resources in the most efficient way possible on your progress level
    • we offer free access to Laborers and Farms in every city, which would usually cost millions of silver and weeks of time set up, but you can use our shared assets immediately to skip this (major) investment
    • we will offer a regular schedule of events where you can hang out and just do the social version (this is when it gets fun) of some of the grindy aspects of the game (note: once we get this going properly)
    • we have various projects and benefits specifically built for new players that help you catch up quicker and support you with things you just can’t know or afford yet
    I am interested, how do I join?
    • join our Discord: discord.gg/YeShkzD
    • read the stuff that's there
    • once you’re done reading, don’t forget to say hello and introduce yourself :)
    p.s. if you are in a guild already you can join anyway

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