Clarent will be insanely OP now? (read inside)

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    • Clarent will be insanely OP now? (read inside) the new playtests:
      Heroic Cleave (all Swords)
      • Reworked the ability: It doesn't require a target anymore. Instead it is now instead an AoE attack around the player: Each enemy hit will create a Heroic Charge on the caster.
      Clarent Blade
      • Removed the ability Mighy Swing (it is now available on Broadswords)
      • Added the new ability Crescent Slash:
        • Your Blade emits a demonic blade, which carves back and force through the ground. Enemies getting hit by it will repeatedly take magic damage. If you have 3 Heroic charges, the charges are consumed and this ability can be used again immediately.

      So if there 3 enemies around Clarent user, he can spam Q+E infinitely?!
      Also Galantines will be super strong, jump in, hit Q one time and use E in a fraction of second?!

      Insanely strong!! Should I respec to swords immediately?!