[Weekly Talk] Spears

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    • [Weekly Talk] Spears

      Hello and happy New Year! I hope you all got good holy days, chilled out, shared some time with family, maybe even got some presents. Now is time to put brain to work once again, a new season is coming soon, and we PROBABLY are getting some changes. Last week we finished the Tank weapons, I posted about Quarterstaffs on how they have no ways to be a damage weapon, and to control “aggro” on PVE. This week I am posting about Spears.

      General Thoughts

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      Spears in my opinion right now are in a weird spot, but not because it sucks, but is mainly because of Axes META. Pretty much in every composition we can see how dominant they are because of it, so I’m expecting soon to Axe’s ‘Q’ (healing reduction) to be nerfed, and we might see spear a lot more frequently, and even in this situation we can see some Trinity Spears, Glaives, and Heron appearing. So on 5v5 situation, I think spears are more than fine for the future, so what is the issues with them? Well, in ganking we can see the Spirit Hunter value, but Spears really are underperform on ZvZs. The relic, that was supposed to be the ZvZ, with big “aoe” impact, really doesn’t shine for large scale fights (it actually is pretty strong at smaller ones). Then we got Heron spear where the potential is good if you manage to take a good angle and hit some cloth users with you ‘E’, but still doesn’t feel like the spear damage ZvZ power for Spears. You can say that melees don’t perform well at ZvZs, but we got weapons like Halberd, Galantines, Bearpaws, even Bloodletter, where they do put a lot of work. Then, why Spears don’t shiny like other melees? Well mostly Spear’s spells are played around the Spirit Spear Charges, and it’s easy in a way to control the stacks and refresh them on smaller scale fights, but on larger ones, if you do so, you probably running out of mana. On ZvZs also, most of the times it doesn’t end in one engage, neither you straight up rush into your enemy, you want to play the patience game. Bait some spells from your enemy, and while you do that, you don’t want to keep stacking while your Zerg engage (you probably going to run out of mana in just one single engage), or if you start stacking while your side is engaging you probably going to be off timing to follow up. Not only that, Spears really lack ‘E’ spells to be useful as a MDPS on ZvZs. Therefore, this going to be the point of the thread, ways to make Spears a good Melee Damage Weapon for Large Scale Fights.


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      Inner Focus – Any Spear (‘W’ spell slot)

      Current: The movement speed and damage isn’t that bad, but isn’t any better than the other ‘Ws’. I can see this as a way to improve the Spears ZvZs gameplay, but why making it like this? Well, it is supposed to help the issues that I said about control/generating the stacks, even by generating them super easy don’t make them totally good but it help their gameplay. This changes might not affect 5v5s because the other ‘Ws’ are much better on those situations, and the faster generation of stacks not going to make Spears 100 to 0 like galantines does. I think this would make Spears much more ZvZ viable for the normal 1 Handed Spear for example.

      Changes: It gives movement speed and two Spirit Spear Charge. Could remove or keep damage bonus.

      Rooting Smash – Pike (‘E’ spell slot)

      Current: I like the animation of this spell, so making changes to keep the animation can be the best. The state of this spell is weird, while it has super good damage; it seems that you can’t benefit much from the root. Not only that the range for it is just bad, I can see this being useful with addition of smaller mechanic to it, or just making Pikes a ZvZ weapon by totally reworking and adding a new spell.

      Changes: 1– Buffing it; Remove target requirement, dashes into a location and smash your spear into the ground, targets hit into the 5m area gets (their movement speed slowed; or 0.7s knock-up). Change the name to Bashing Spear; 2 – Rework into a new ZvZ spell.

      Reckless Charge – Normal 1 Handed Spear (‘E’ spell slot)

      Current: This weapon was META not a long time ago, but it got damage and range nerfs so now it is not that much viable. I would see it being a ZvZ, but like I explained before, Spears have the small trouble of Spirit Spears Charges, so with changes on Inner Focus we can see this being more used, but with the damage this low, having it range like before can make it relevant again, at least for ZvZs.

      Changes: Changing its range to 12m/13m.

      New Spells

      • Dragon Spear (‘E’ spell slot)
      Channel for 1.5 seconds, then throw your Spear to a ground target location, it deals damage to all enemies around, the far is the distance of the throw, the more damage it does.

      Explanation: It is a ZvZ spell, being different from the normal attack based spears, making them more to a DPS one for large scale fights.

      • Impulsive Pierce (‘E’ spellslot)
      Pierce in front of you with yourspear cutting the enemy multiple times.

      Explanation: The animation would belike a drilling pierce, it would be another spell to differentiate from thenormal attack based ones.

      • Furious Spin (‘E’ spell slot)
      Spin your spear then throw it, itspin like a wheel shattering the ground and damaging whoever is on the way (itonly damage each target once).

      Explanation: This could be anotherZvZ spell possibility to a non-normal attack based spears, having also a goodrange to it.


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      Two passives where I can see on the “Tree” that isn’t that great, Life Leech and Slow Poison. They are both normal attack ones, but the passive Attack Speed out shine both of them. Therefore, my idea is to remove them and give Spears the non-normal attack based spears some good passives to work with.

      Furious is a good spell passive to have, and it can work a lot with the lunging strike. The Hit and Run passive also, benefit spell based Spears giving them some mobility for ZvZs for example.


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      Most of the Spears are normal attacked based, the only ones that seems to not be, is the Normal 1 Handed Spear and the Heron Spear, but neither of the spears exceed at ZvZs. Well, you can say that Heron Spear is not the worst, but compared to other melees, they are bottom tier on the list. The issues for it, is the Spirit Spear Charges, and the poor designed spells to ZvZs. The changes to make Spears a good melee weapon to large scale fights comes with changes like having a way to generate faster the charges, and with it, can make the Reckless Charge a good option. Another option is adding a decent “aoe” new ‘E’ spell that is not based for normal attacks (cause normal attacks doesn’t do a lot for ZvZs), and that can do good damage either with or without the Spirit Spear Charge mechanic (with the stacks it needs the changes to generate faster stacks for ZvZs). Those were my thoughts on Spear situation on the META, I hope you understood my ideas and if you liked or think different from me, post it what is your thoughts. See you next week!

      Past Threads

    • just like i was talking about what devs fucked in the game, and additional skills for off-hands. Nobody wan't to discuss about it, but in game there's a plenty of cry about some unbalance in game etc. Most of ppls moaning but when they have even a low chance to change something they just simple turn the head and look the other way. It's fucking pathetic... I would have to add something to dragon spear, after slam a ground it should left something like craced earth that would slow enemies or create some kind of erthquake that would deal additional dmg in time ;) but i like your idea.