[Weekly Talk] Quarterstaffs

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    • [Weekly Talk] Quarterstaffs

      Greetings friends! Welcome to another Weekly Talk, where I choose every week a Weapon/Equipment to discuss their situation into the game and give my own ideas and thoughts on their issues, to either fix or make them more useful, where also you can give the feedback of my ideas or share your own. Last week I talked about Maces, and which little changes could make them even better than they already is right now. I have talked already about Hammers and Maces, so to finish the “Tank” line, this week will be Cargerastaffs… I mean Quarterstaffs.

      General Thoughts

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      Who never wanted to use Soulscythe in ZvZs? Who never had to gank, and saw Double Bladed as an important and necessary to have in there? What about doing 5v5 content and never thought about using either Iron-clad, Staff of Balance, or even Black Monk Stave? Quarterstaffs for PvP content is in my opinion the best Tank weapon in the game right now. They are so versatile, have so much mobility and what I enjoy the most on them is the playmaking potential they have, and that comes with not only, but with the main thing being the ‘Q’ spell called Cartwheel. Well, even that they are that good, I can see some issues with the “Tree”, for example as a Tank class on PVE you would want to hold “aggro” but different from Maces and Hammers, Quarterstaffs doesn’t have any good way like the Threat Generation “Q” that others have. Not only that, I’ve talked before about balance of weapons and how it seems SBI is doing the changes and trying to give options to even a Tank to be the damage possibility if necessary. However, is a possibility that they don’t have (or if you count the normal Quarterstaff as the damage option I can say that it is for sure a weak one). Then for the last part of their issues, is like for almost all other weapons, is the useless/old spells that neither benefit nor has no potential for the “Tree”. Therefore, those are going to be the main points of this thread; 1- Struggles to hold “aggro” as a Tank class; 2- No option, or weak option as a dealing damage weapon; 3- Need of rework or small tweaks on spells.


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      Concussive Blow – Any Quarterstaff (‘Q’ spell slot)

      Current: We all know the Cartwheel is too good, because it gives movement speed, resistances increase, mobility, and if timed well you can cancel some enemy spells. Therefore, where you can see this ‘Q’ being useful is for ganking, you can pretty much keep the target on permanent slow(because the slow last 7 seconds) and stun him on 3 stacks. I personally dislike the way it works, and I thought a potential better way to make it more useful in general and less “cancer” permanent slow.

      Changes: Deals ‘x’ damage to the target, apply ‘Consecutive Concussion’ (This effect stack up, first stack it Slow enemy movement speed, second stack you gain crowd control increase, third stack stun the target).

      Empowered Slam – Any Quarterstaff (‘W’ spell slot)

      Current: It’s basically a poor version of Heavy Cleavewithout the casting time, it doesn’t have anything special to it, if anyone think different please let me know, because I can’t see it at all.

      Changes: Remove it; add new damage type of spell [Multiple Lunge].

      Heavy Cleave – Any Quarterstaff (‘W’ spell slot)

      Current: This spell can be useful in some ways, but I think the cone area too simple that doesn’t enable potential for it. For example, when you watch movies where a person use a staff to fight, you can see in almost every move a strong jump slam on top of enemy head, so it can maybe work as same way, doing a small jump/dash and slam the Quarterstaff ahead (without target requirement).

      Changes: Dash/Jump in a straight line, smashing the quarterstaff into the ground dealing ‘x’ damage.

      Separator – Normal Quarterstaff (‘E’ spell slot)

      Current: As I talked before about balance changes, this Quarterstaff looks to be the damage option for them, but the damage isn’t really good, the root and the knockback on others around doesn’t feel good enough. Therefore, I think just reworking it and adding a different spell to create another playstyle can be better.

      Changes: Remove it, add new spell [Trigram of Power].

      Fatal Blade – Black Monk Stave (‘E’ spell slot)

      Current: To be honest this spell isn’t bad, but like I talked in the Cursed thread, I feel like this spell would fit more into the Lifecurse Staff, there is nothing of “Fatal” on it, is more like a supportive spell reducing enemy damage than threatening the enemies life.

      Changes: Put this spell on Lifecurse Staff, add new spell [Cutting Assault].

      New Spells

      • Threatening Stake – Any Quarterstaff (‘Q’ spell slot)
      A straight line attack/stab that deals ‘x’ damage and generate threat on enemies hit.

      Explanation: As I said before is one of issues that Quarterstaffs Tanks has to PVE, and I personally think this type of spell is necessary.

      • Repulsive Spin – Any Quarterstaff (‘W’ spell slot)
      Spin your weapon, while you channeling, your damage taken is reduced by 15%.

      Explanation: Similar to the Spear spell, but instead it just reduce damage. Quarterstaff combat has those moves where you spin against projectiles to block them.

      • Multiple Lunge – Any Quarterstaff (‘W’ spell slot)
      Repeatedly lunge your weapon in a cone area dealing ‘x’ damage ‘x’ times (each successfull lunge increase the damage of next lunge).

      Explanation: Yes, it looks like the Forest of Spear, but the area of the spell should much smaller and less number of hits. But since the idea is to be a spell that open the damage option for quarterstaff, I don’t see a problem, Heavy Cleave exist in all Tank weapons why not have a similar spell with different mechanic into it.

      • Cutting Assault – Black Monk Stave (‘E’ spell slot)
      Dash in a straight line slicing and cutting everyone in ‘x’ meters around you in all the way.

      Explanation: It’s basically a dash where your character spin passing through everyone in the way like a drill piercing everyone and dealing damage. It fits the weapon design, also is another damage spell to open possibilities.

      • Trigram of Power – Normal Quarterstaff (‘E’ spell slot)
      [Edge of Control] first cast execute a jump and smash with your weapon dealing 'x' damage (lower number) to all enemies around and rotting them, this cast enters in cooldown (15s), and you have a new spell called [Edge of Focus]. If this spell is casted, jumps and smash with your weapon dealing 'y' damage (medium number) increasing your damage to 20% for 5 seconds, this cast enters in cooldown (15s + cooldown left on Edge of Control) and you have a new spell called [Edge of Strength]. If this spell is casted, jumps and smash with your weapon dealing 'z' damage (the highest number compared to the other 2) and stun enemies for 1-2 seconds, this cast enters in cooldown (15s + cooldown left on Edge of Focus).Not casting the spell when the previous cast reset its cooldown, causes to decay to the first spell.

      Explanation: For example, if you don’t cast Edge of Focus in 15s it reset to Edge of Control, if you do, the reset cooldown is 15s + the cooldown left on Edge of Control. If you don’t cast Edge of Strength in time, it reset to Edge of Control, if you do cast it, it goes in cooldown (15s + the cooldown left on Edge of Focus) and after the cooldown it reset to Edge of Control. I don’t know if it was explained well, but most of games that has this martial art style of combats, has those multiple spells on the same spell, that by consecutive using them you get a new one more stronger than the other.


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      Quarterstaffs is on same boat as other Tank weapons, only Life Leech I can see being useless there, it could help much more to have a passive like Aggressive Rush from Axes, to help the damage playstyle.

    • Conclusion

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      That’s pretty much it for this post, I love how Quarterstaffs are, and Cartwheel is one of my favorite spells in game, because it have so much potential with it, but like other weapons you can see useless spells that don’t benefit the “Tree” at all. In addition, I put all my ideas to cover the issues I said on the beginning of the topic, like fixing PVE “aggro” problems with threatening ‘Q’ spell. The damage playstyle needs new spells that open this possibility for them, and with that, it also means removing, reworking, and adding spells into it. With all that said, I will end the post here. I appreciate if you give your feedback on the ideas, or even your own ideas, and if you want to check past threads and post there, I will check and answer as soon as I can. Thanks for your time have a good New Year’s Eve, and see you next Year.

      Past Threads

    • Personally love double bladed staff the way it is. its been my main weapon of choice for a long time now.

      i think the problem right now is people having this idea that its just a chasing weapon. (only taking stun run) when actually with empowered slam its is extremely good in small skirmishes and duels.

      people think that you cant kite with a melee weapon, when actually if you play around the 7 sec cd on w and q you can engage and disengage really easily,

      i run it with mage cowl assassin jacket, thetford cape and if youre feeling rich hellion shoes,

      main combo (against melee) is D- F -AA -W -E and then Q away for disengage , then wait for w and to come back up and repeat. it does a lot more damage than you would think in quick succession once youve got the combo down.

      try to use auto attacks as little as possible in 1 v 1 situations against melee unless ure thetford cape is off cd (15 secs) only auto attack if cant kite and ure other spells are off cd.

      against warbows it does well because you can stick to them and dodge their ray and e with your q and e.

      another merit is you can ALWAYS disengage against claws e with q (roll to cancel) and if you are quick you can even cancel dagger e.

      very versatile weapon, with very high outplay potential in small-scale.

      one of the only weapons in the game id be sad if they changed tbh haha.
    • Coonery wrote:

      empowered slam is a great skill for 1v1 and is 100% required for solo faming and 1v1 fights never remove it,

      problem is the Other Q is useless when its meant to be a combat ability it never brings more damage or utlity than cartwheel def needs a change

      Too difficult to stack it and underwhelming damage for its usage
      Well, is a required spell because there isnt other ones, if it had a better damage spell it wouldnt be necessary, the mechanic itself is a simple version. When devs adds new spells to create new playstyles, it generate so much more possibilities, would you use empowered slam if a damage W have been added? We all use because is the best one, but it could be a better one, and one that can be unique on his own way.