Wicked Weapon: new rare items without developing new data

    • Wicked Weapon: new rare items without developing new data

      I want to have more kind of weapons! variety of drops from mobs!
      but I don't want the balance to be changed. don't want to see the Destiny board messed!

      I came up with an idea for new rare weapons. : Weapons which have skills swapped with weapons in the same category.
      Maybe Demon made this, plz make whatever the background story.

      Example1 : T4 Wicked Great Axe [Halberd]

      It is a Great Axe, looks like a Great axe, but *all the skills are replaced with what Halberd have.
      (*all skills: Only E skill will appear to be replaced for this case, cuz its 2H vs 2H)


      T4 Wicked Great Axe [Halberd]
      Visual / Sound effectT4 Great Axe. (probably with purple glow or something to indicate it is a wicked item, if you don't like trick play to be introduced.)
      Skills / Value
      T4 Halberd. = no Whirlwind but Tear Apart. =Two handed.
      Famegoes to Great Axe specialist. (and axe fighter)
      Specialist IP bonus Great Axe specialist gives +2IP / level


      -What it does is basically a visual skin, people can wear what they really love. .
      -It doesn't make PvP balance changed since the idea just uses existing data.
      -SBI don't have to make new graphics. (but some adjustments for animation will be required. e.g. disembowel with dagger-pair)
      -The weapon may surprise people, get deceived.(this can be Con)
      -Some of the combination will be interesting for leveling, making new demand.
      (e.g. someone may want to farm Glacial staff with Hail). I believe this doesn't really break game but just give people fun option.

      -2H weapon with 1H weapon skills will be visually weird.

      e.g. T4 Wicked Graet Axe [Battle Axe] will look like a Great Axe, and is 1-handed weapon, have BattleAxe skill.
      Offhand slot will be usable but the graphic should not be displayed.

      I would say: some sort of Magical effect transmuted Battle-Axe + Offhand visual to a Great Axe! Demon!

      I actually thought about alternative solution, that only swapping E skill and keep the weapon as 2 handed.
      This solution perfectly works visualwise, but it requires skill value adjustments (such as upscaling 1H skills to 2H).
      and may cause slight game balance change since there will be new combination which didn't exist (2H skill+offhand)

      I've heard random dungeon will be the thing on the next named update. That's great, but current drops are boring.
      My suggestion was to have more kind of drops with respecting current Albion Online.

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    • Yes, that can happen. It has some impacts, no balance change.

      As I said it could be con, some people may not like it.

      By giving the "wicked rares" a new glowing color, I think opponents will have a reasonable chance to predict that incoming attack will be something different.
      So they will notice it's not going to be Whirlwind but Vampic strike or possibly Tear Apart etc. (I haven't discussed about if artifacts should get involved to wicked rare system, but its totally possible.)

      You won't know what E is coming unless you inspect the opponent.
      but I think this is not negative thing. it just make fight fun.
      The little trick can give small advantage for the initial engagement, that's it. Can't trick twice.

      I personally think GvG field should dispels the visual change effect tho. (no trick)

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    • There are more fitting ways that rare items could be added into albion. It really would have to make the items and spells work the same way where you can tell what's on them by a visual indicator if you are aware of what the indicators mean.

      For example:
      Enchanting items. Gatherable/farmble items could be introduced that an actual player with an added enchant line (in the progression tree....quite similar to potions) could then use to add special spells (or buffed versions of spells.....or buffed the base stats of spells...etc). It would add a special look that indicates whatever enchantment is on it.

      So it's possible. It could be cool and work with AO. But while what I wrote was an example there are likely many ways to make rare stuff.....like super powerful artifact weapons that are cost prohibitive maybe. :)

      And much like these that we already have that are pretty rare the use of what the OP describes would be likely very limited. There is no safety to use them in and ppl like to keep that stuff forever.
    • That goes against basic design, and learning things by experience. Having this just create confusion on new players, specific spells for specific Weapons. In any way, its a interesting idea, but that doesnt add, neither fix any issues to game, so have no reason rather than just cosmetic aspect, that create confusion gameplay.

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    • yeah, some people afraid of the visual trick, as i have expected.
      The idea doesn't make a broad sword shooting exploding shot or a bow snare charging etc, options are reasonably limited.
      same Q,same W, swapped E from same category. pretty much predictable.

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