Suggestion for the Demon Armor

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    • Suggestion for the Demon Armor

      Hi everyone,

      First, sorry for my english (i'm french).

      During a search for the best armor for me, I found something... ALL Armor's parts (i speak of the body part) don't have any channeling for the R capacity. ALL exept the demon armor. The others armor have capacity too creat some stuff on the ground, boost them self or creat a field around them and that without chaneling...

      The only other armor with a chaneling is the Cultist robe, but it have an immunity to all source of damages.

      So, my proposition for the Demon armor are :

      -unlock the chaneling ability without tutch the rest of the capacity
      and/or -Delete the réduction of armor for the user
      and/or -Put on the ground a shield with the actual capacity of the armor

      Thank you all. and see you on the game.