nature spell suggestions

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    • nature spell suggestions

      1) Increase maximum amount of q-stacks to 5 or 6. Total healing at 3 stacks is the same as now with 3 stacks, but once you go over 3 stacks they start decaying faster(2sec faster decay per stack or smth)

      2) Add a new w spell, which doubles the q stacks of all allies within a x-meter radius of the caster( or in a target area possibly?)

      3) Change 1-handed nature e(circle of life): heales based on the number of rejuvenate stacks on each person(caps at 3) and increases their rejuvenate stacks by 1. Also (maybe) make it so it isnt around the caster but in a target area/around a friendly target

      4) Change blight staff e(ruthless nature) ; lasts for 6 seconds. each second an ally is inside the circle, they get one stack of rejuvenate removed and get healed based on how many stacks they had before the removal(each tick) (6->5 highest, 1->0 lowest)

      5) Change rampant e (spirit animal) : The same effect it has right now + either
      a) rejuvenation stacks on each person inside it get refreshed while theyre inside it
      b) every ally inside it gets 1 rejuvenation stack every 2 seconds.

      These are just some vague ideas, lemme know what you think. most of this stuff would be pretty broken implemented as said it's just some ideas what you could do with nature ;)
    • tl;tr;

      I will not comment here Nature Staff and Great Nature Staff.
      I am going to talk about Wild Staff, Blight Staff, Rampart Staff.
      For rejuvenation ideas please see this thread.

      First of all thanks for starting this post! I hope that this will kick off some serious discussion about nature healer as I think this is the most underdeveloped "class", and currently not played at all in the end game.

      Context of my AO experience. I was playing as a nature healer most of the time, recently I started playing as a holy healer. Usually I take part in (ZvZ, small PvP, Arena, PvE). Fairly diverse background.

      Let's ask a question what is the intention of developer for nature healer (Would be nice to get answer from them ;) so that we can give more accurate feedback) ?
      • Is the intention to be support heal (Living armor, cleanse) ? If so this aspect is very poor! even cleanse is not used anymore because you would usually wear fort sterling cape.
      • Is the intention to be more focused on healing group rather than single target ? If so, then Fallen completely destroyed this.
      I think nature healer requires very serious rework, but let's focus for a now what we can fix.

      Wild Staff, Well of Life (E). Base + either
      Current usage: sometimes ZvZ but as a 4th-5th healer

      - Heal X more if player have max rejuvenate stack
      - increased resistance for X
      - decrease enemy resistance for X (nature should affect negatively for enemies too)
      - drain enemy manna

      Blight Staff, Ruthless nature (E):
      Current usage : none, sometimes for really big ZvZ when you are n-th healer.

      To change: Base is good + either.
      - Change healing up to 10 players (Fallen does...) and increase healing area.
      - People inside are immune to CC spells

      - Completely new base (No healing): Increase X players healing receiving by Y% while inside channelling area.

      Rampart Staff, Spirit animal (E): Idea is good! It's actually quite good design I would usually use it for choke fights. But no more than 1 rampart per 20 men party.
      Current usage: ZvZ, choke fights. Good as a 4th-5th healer.

      To change: Base is good + either
      - @keeperofnature idea, rejuvenation stacks on each person inside it get refreshed while they're inside it + duration is extended + X seconds.
      - increased resistance for X
      - recovers X manna for each standing player