glacial staff casting range

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    • glacial staff casting range

      I would like the glacial staff to have a slightly bigger casting range on the E.

      Long time ago the casting range was buffed to very long...and everyone usd for a week or two. then it got changed to current range. i understand that before this it was OP.
      It also got the slow debuffed, which makes sense aswell as it is now more a damage spell.

      the glacial staff got a lot of love and then you took it all away.. i talked with it and it feels abandoned and unloved, maybe we can give it some affection back? ;) casting range to 8m? (currently around 5m)

      If you are really not ready to consider this, can you give me your reasoning to this E casting range, that would help me to accept the current situation.

      Lastly, good job SBI on creating an awesome game! I bet you dont hear that enough. Its just human nature to get a lot of complaints and less praise :) the people that like the game dont complain on forums, they play the game.
      Cheers everyone
      ingame:Soph/princeOberyn guild:Ark1 alliance:BOOH (our own)

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