New Skill Disarm - Pike E rework

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    • New Skill Disarm - Pike E rework

      The current pike feels underwhelming with a single target root. I propose a change in rooting smash entirely.

      Disarm - Silences all weapon skills and does damage based on spirit spear charges

      The damage would be somewhere between glaive fling and the current rooting smash. The silence wouldn't affect any armor skills and could be scaled with spirit spear charges as well. Auto attacks could be affected like forceful swing as long as the silence isn't too long or auto attacks would be unaffected but the silence would be longer.

      This would fit the spear class as being a melee dps with support characteristics as well as make sense weapon wise (long spear disarming a weapon). This change could make it viable in 5v5 and 2v2 teams.

      Please leave feed back on this idea.
    • I like where the pike is at and think it's actually incredibly underutilized. In a world where gank groups run around on dires with bloodletters it may not be so easy to see it, but this weapon provides an insanely cheap option for dismounted roaming to gank. General order of which is:

      • Target sighted
      • Stack one spirit spear
      • Channel inner focus skill
      • Stack another spirit spear
      • Hunter shoes rush ability
      • Stack final spirit spear on the way to the target
      • Rooting smash them for great burst damage and rooted time with hunter boots and inner focus both increasing CC duration, as well as inner focus helping to increase damage too.

      The build I was running for this was hunter hood, assassin jacket and hunter shoes, all with attack speed passives as inner focus can also help your persistent dps by giving you a speed and damage increase to help kite a target and poke them hard. Hunter hood useful in fight situations, but can be swapped to howl, howl also stacks with hunter shoes and inner focus cc duration meaning even after root has ended the target is slowed for an incredibly long time.

      Weapon skills: Spirit spear, inner focus, rooting smash, passive set to passive slow to assist in kiting or ganking, the slow also stacking well with the howl ability if selected.

      With this build you will catch any horse from seeing their name on the edge of your screen guaranteed. For dismounted roam ganking it's probably one of the strongest catches in the game, and has great fight potential too.

      Overall like I said, with other gank styles seeing prominence right now it doesn't shine through so bright, but it is there, it is strong, and it is still very, very usable.
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