How is the random dg thing going?

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    • Feels pretty good from my perspective. Very regular internal playtests that I have also participated in. The team is still working hard on them, but it seems to come together over time. :)
      Layouts are gonna be more or less random, that's kind of the point of random dungeons :P
      In general we'll share more news when we have something better to present. Until then you'll have to live with this statement I fear because I don't want to spoil anything. :D

      - Lino
    • Thanks man! Glad to hear its progressing well!

      By layouts I probably should be more specific when I ask stuff...especially about specific aspects of randomness. :)

      I assumed there would be strategies for how mob groups or dungeon obstacles/terrain groups would be working together while being randomly constructed. And was more or less curious about these types of strategies.

      Are you thinking there may be faction objectives in any of them?

      Will solo dungeons be large enough to accommodate many soloers or just 1 or 2? Will we see these in all types of zones or just red/black?

      What range of dungeon floors/layers?

      Will we see multi zone dungeons return?

      Any chance there will be dungeons in nonpvp zones similar to the old necropolis style that encourage in dungeon groups to form?

      So many things I wanna know..... :)

      I will infer from your response it's too soon for timelines.

      Thanks again! Looking forward to hearing more.

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