[Weekly Talk] Cursed Staff

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    • [Weekly Talk] Cursed Staff

      Hello everyone! Anit here again, and this is the fourth thread about Weapon/Equipment on how are my thoughts and ideas about them, and how it could be changed or implemented to help them to be more used, useful, balanced, or nerfed. Each week I pick one of the “trees” and put all my thoughts into the thread, and for this week, I decided to do Cursed Staff!

      General Thoughts on Cursed Staff

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      Cursed was the first weapon that I got 300/400 specs on it, so I used it a lot to fame, ZvZs, GvGs, HGs. Right now, we can see Great Cursed to be one of the top tier RDPS META for 5v5s, and I see the main reason to it is the Desecrate changes made it. The spell is useful to catch people up, or in the case of the Great Cursed Staff it combo so well with the ‘E’ spell, it applies 1 Vile Curse stack, and also can be good to peel back(one of the biggest problems for cloth builds at the moment) when you getting run over. Not only Desecrate help for 5v5s but it’s a good addition for ganking. The main problem with Cursed is ZvZs, I would say they are bottom tier for RDPS, they are working more like a supportive class than RDPS. It wouldn’t have a problem with that but even for support, it has some issues to be bottom tier on large scale fights.


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      Cursed Sickle – Any Cursed Staff (‘Q’ slot spell)

      Current: The issue with the Vile Curse is ZvZs. The spell is impossible to use if you do so you out of position and you are probably dead. An example of change is the Deadly Shot from Bows, its super useful. Therefore, I see the Cursed Sickle as a ZvZ option spell, but the problem for it is that it works super clunky. It appear where your cursor is pointed and moves towards your direction. It feels super weird to use it, and I personally don’t like how it works.

      Changes: So the idea is similar to Deadly Shot, make it with a good range for ZvZs, making it move from your character towards your cursor direction.

      Cursed Beam – Any Cursed Staff (‘W’ slot spell)

      Current: The damage of this spell isn’t even high enough to be useful the range isn’t also exceptional, so there is nothing powerful or interesting mechanic on it.

      Changes: The idea is to put the vile curse mechanic on it (we can see how Desecrate apply Vile Curse help a lot the damage output). The spell would be a 5 seconds channeling, where each second you apply a Vile Curse on an enemy. It gives the mechanics of “ignore and you get punished, stop it and you control the fight”.

      Desecrate – Any Cursed Staff (‘W’ slot spell)

      Current: With the recent changes Desecrate is a powerful spell for them, you can see it on every GvG, it help so much as I explained before.

      Changes: For me is super strong spell now, so small tweaks, as higher cooldown would balance it. However, the change I really want to see on it is how it looks like. Right now, the spell is super ugly looking the same as any root in the game, I think would super cool to have some grey/purple hands holding the targets that it roots.

      Haunting Screams – Cursed Skull (‘E’ slot spell)

      Current: The changes on this spell was so good, I really liked and fits well the design of the weapon, but the problem for this weapon is not the spell itself is more like the ZvZ meta. It’s basically bursting clumps (that’s why we see a lot of royal hoods, royal sandals, and arcane beam builds).

      Changes: Maybe adding a slow to it can help to get it to be more useful and to appear more frequently, longbow has it why cursed skull cant?

      Cataclysm – Damnation Staff (‘E’ slot spell)

      Current: This spell was super strong when relics was released, 2 damnations would just wipe your backline, so it got nerfed and since then this weapon have been bad. Is not good on 5v5s, is bottom level RDPS at ZvZ, and is useless I would say, but it has potential. I can see damnation as a ZvZ supportive weapon, but the issue with the spell right now is the high cooldown. On large fights, the top tier weapons are the ones either that does a lot of damage or that can keep ready on the “Seesaw game” of ZvZs, and that’s around 30 seconds spells. Cataclysm has his 45 seconds of cooldown and even with 7.2 omelette, you don’t even reach 35 seconds (and 35 seconds is pretty bad).

      Changes: Lower the cooldown of it to be 30-35 seconds.

      Enfeeble Blades – Lifecurse staff (‘E’ slot spell)

      Current: Right now, this spell is just a poor version of the Black Monk Stave (Fatal Blade). I think it should had been added to Lifecurse, it would fit more the design of the weapon, rather than that I personally just think this spell is decent for PVE but I think it need to be changed to a new useful spell.

      Changes: I thought some different things for it. 1- Change the spell from the Black Monk Stave to Lifecurse; 2- Able to be cast not only on an ally (meaning you don’t do damage, neither the debuff to the ally), but also on an enemy target (like the Infernal Staff, and applying the damage and reduction debuff on that target). 3- Removing this spell for a different one, as I said just a poor version of other spell.

      New Spells

      • Translocation – (‘W’ slot spell)

      Translocate the target to a ground position, roots whoever is behind you and applies 1 Vile Curse.

      Explanation: I know, I know, Frost already has this spell, but I’m in favor of RDPS having more tools to deal against the heavy bruisers comps for 5v5s, and we can see that frost is a really way to deal against those comps just because how well Frost Nova does against them. Therefore, warlocks has the teleportation/translocation abilities so it would be helpful to have this ability for cursed too, since it fits the design of the “class”.

      • Life Drain – (‘W’ or ’E’ slot spell)

      Drain the life of your opponent into yours, you channel it for 5 seconds, it drains a small portion each second of the cast.

      Explanation: This spell can be add as an ‘E’ spell or even as Cursed Beam by having the same mechanic to it, which can also be interrupt.

      • Pact with the Darkness (‘E’ slot spell)

      Summon a purple demon creature, this creature has ‘X’ health points (each tier of weapon increase the summon health). The demon applies 1 Vile Curse on his normal attacks, the demon prioritizes closest targets to him, 40-50 seconds cooldown.

      Explanation: Yes, I know, is crazy idea to have summons, but is just ideas. I saw a post about it and people had good reasons for not having a class for summons. It would lag, even more than already does. But instead of a class, summons are actually one of ways of warlocks to fight, and I thought an way of making it without being abusive for ZvZs so people that would bring to it, would be useless. Summons is already into the game, for example, the Recruiter's Fox Crop (flute) that summons a fox and you can move her. I feel like SBI maybe has the codes close to it, and having 1 single summon shouldn’t be a problem.

      • Electrocute – (‘E’ slot spell)

      Channel for 2 seconds an electric discharge on an enemy target that paralyze enemy for 1.5 seconds. The discharge jumps to the next closest enemy and paralyzing him too (The discharge can’t hit the same target twice and it can only jump up to 10 times maximum).

      Explanation: Yes, looks similar to the dark matter, but lightning spell are one of the ways of warlocks to fight, I feel bad that Raging Storm (Bow of Badon) isn’t on cursed staff, it would fit the design of warlocks pretty well.


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      Cursed passives aren’t in a bad spot, I see potential and utility for all of them except Bane.

      Bane (passive)

      Current: It has a good idea, but feels weak for some reason, I feel like introducing a different result instead of just small aoe damage would be better.

      Changes: So the changes I thought that can be possible is:

      1. Every 5 normal attacks, you cause ademonic explosion on the enemy spreading 1 Vile Curse around the target. Changename to [Contagious Curse].
      2. Every4 normal attacks, your next normal attack cause the enemy to be rooted for 1.5seconds. Change name to [Cursed Chains].
      3. Every3 normal attacks, your next normal attack causes the enemy move speed to beslowed by 6%. Change name to [Sticky Foot].

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    • Conclusion

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      I used to love cursed so much, and I still do, but seen how bad is the curse staff situation is on ZvZs is sad. I really wish SBI put more changes to cursed on larger fights, is with no doubt that they are one of the best RDPS for smaller scale fights, but it had much more potential to impact larger ones. Not only that, cursed has so much more potential, so many different ideas of Warlock abilities can be added into it, I look forward to see different opinions on my ideas and your own on how you can see to be changed, or added into the Cursed Staff. That’s it for this thread I’m happy if you read all until here, and I hope to see your feedback on here and the same for the next posts.

      Past Threads

    • dont have time right now to read it all properly (will do it tomorrow) but can already say u put some effort in it

      just wanted to hop in and note that u can cast cursed sickle right behind you when facing towards the enemy to get 1-2 additional meters of range, most useful when retreating and casting it in front of u so chasing enemies run in the skill

      the cursed beam proposal sounds ok, would need a cd increase though

      i like the idea of ur first passives proposal, very much actually. imo fights dont last long enough for it to be effective though i might be wrong :)
      it could be too strong for a passive but the vile curse spreading part would make a good new skill
    • owensssss wrote:

      I think curse staffs are in a good spot atm. as they are they can’t cleanse out of my great hammer stun. No need for a buff.
      I think cursed staffs are in a good spot on 5v5s, when it come to ZvZ they dont really shine like the other ranged dps. I can see Damnation staff and Cursed Skull as the Cursed ZvZ option for cursed, but they are really underpowered compared to other ranged, for reasons that I explained on the post. But yes, cursed definetely in a good spot for 5v5s you can pretty much see every team running cursed on their comps, it just makes me sad that everytime SBI try to buff cursed for ZvZ they change what is not the issue for it. Next patch is coming with damage and resistances increase, when thats not the issue for ZvZs for the weapon.