[Updated] Possible Alliance Change

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      1. Smart Cluster Queue System
      The Smart Cluster Queue system prevents large armies from blocking entire zones by overcrowding them. Essentially, this system analyzes how many players from one side are attempting to enter a zone, and calculates based on the players' gear and status how much they're contributing to the fight. It then checks how many players the other side has and how many want to enter the same area, and auto-balances the zone based on the number of players on each side. Excess players are moved to nearby zones, where they can continue the fight in secondary battles.

      2. Zerg Debuff
      This system adds an "inefficiency" tradeoff to bringing too many people to a fight. Whenever more than 25 allied players are in the same zone, these players will suffer from an “inefficiency” debuff that decreases their combat effectiveness slightly. The more players in your army, the more this debuff increases. This means you will have to choose an optimal army size based on your guilds’ size and abilities, and should not simply collect the largest army in one place.