New Arena trophies every season

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    • New Arena trophies every season

      Hello, I was thinking about Arena, when players want to play them solo, as DPS. They usually need to wait like 10-20 minutes. I figure out, AO is running some kind of seasons, every season we get a different items from recruitment program. And when AO devs release these new items, they could release a new trophies for arenas as well. And now, how should i work. Instead of getting trophies for arena sigils. We could get these trophies for winning some amount of arena matches and because we could be unlucky on teams, we could make a secondary condition to play "1,5x" more matches than we have to win for it. Soo there is an example:
      If I will want to get a Tier1 Trophy: I need to pay 50 sigils (atm). In my idea is, to win at least 15 matches or finish at least 25 matches. -> and scale it ofc...
      My idea is not about pushing new Trophies every 2-3 mounts but like double the recruitment program. The point is, to make arena a bit reasonable to play again.
      What do y think about it ?