Looking for small guild who wish to merge.

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    • Looking for small guild who wish to merge.

      We at Equites Mortis are looking for other small guilds who wish to merge.
      It takes a lot of people to do almost anything in the game. So, if you are in a small guild(s) and wish to merge contact Saabotage, Celicore, or Rabbyt in game and we will discuss the possibility of merging. You Officers will remain officers and members will remain full members. :)
      Till then!!!
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      By. All. Means.
      Run by [Commitment Issues]

      Plain & Simple we are an Alliance looking for small (as low as 1) to medium sized guilds (as big as 100~) to either partake in our Alliance or form a coalition! (“Secret Friends”)

      Our purpose is to reach the point in Albion where we all first fell in love, a massive community of people playing together and enjoying what the game has to offer. No politics, No drama, simply a collective group of individuals looking to enjoy multiple streams of content, company, and comradery. PM me for further info or in-game as “Yungsun.”
      *(Currently NA ‘East & West’ focused but will eventually be looking to grow Internationally)

      Current # of supported Guilds: 8

      Activities Include:
      Fame Farms.
      Ganking/Gather Ganking.
      Faction Warfare.
      A Community meant to Enjoy Albion as it Once was.

      Join our Discord for any more information/conversation!
      Shoot us a message in the #welcome text channel to our Officers+
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      Please excuse the......individual who can't seem to write their own thread.
      We Equites Mortis are looking for Guilds who are active and intend on being active for at least the next year. We are a small but active guild with most of our individuals who have been around sense launch.
      What we are looking for is NOT the guild with 300 memebers, 5 of which are active, but the 2-25 person guild where 90% of the players are active yet not enough on at one time to do all the things this game offers.
      We support each other in whatever each individual is interested in doing.(Gathering, Crafting, Pve,PvP, GvG & ZvZ) If your looking for a brand new guild where their is one person in it, go with that guy...
      But, if your a small active Guild and find that its difficult to meet new memebers other then brand new players lets talk. :)
      (We are members of the (Pls) Loot Me Alliance)

      As a side note, if your base of operations is in the other Royal cities, other then Bridgewatch even better! (We are from Bridgewatch and it would be awesome to gain a foothold in the other cities. )