100/100 spec IDEA! And a few other suggestions

    • 100/100 spec IDEA! And a few other suggestions

      What if when someone gets 100/100 in a wep, or armor, we have the choice of making that item a certain color? Something to show off... =]
      And maybe when someone gets 400/400 out of a certain class an EMOTE or something really cool....
      Just a thought.


      Would be a really nice addition in this game if we could just -walk- over gold and pick it up, instead of having to mass click the ground.

      Also! Please, give us an option to completely hide chat bar. It really get's in the way sometimes.

      Thanks in advance-

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    • Custom colours are not good because we rely on colours and design of items to identify what someone is wearing without having to inspect them. The colours represent the tiers and enchantements of the gear so it's not a good idea to let people change that. Everyone is just gonna run around in white anyways to fake t8.
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