party finder..

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    • party finder..

      forgive me im just thinking out loud here,
      first of all, we need to consider who even uses this party finder? solo players without guild, or solo players in general that doesn't like to keep waiting for guilds to appear online, there is too much waiting to do things in this game. How is this party finder suppose to fit the needs of the players when i cant even get me a group in anything, no one is using it right now basically. we need to get players to find it even useful,

      lets break this down to the various needs for party:

      OPEN WORLD(including Dungeons):
      no one is going to use it for open world unless in blue zones, other than that no way too much distrust unless we have a law system in place but i think thats too far out of the question right now. initially i thought this party finder as a quest board where players comes out with a quest like to slay mobs in dungeons or caravan protection etc, but there's nothing binding this contract no penalty for defaulting it neither is there a fixed reward that is enforced.

      probably not too, unless u are really a solo player with no friends then maybe yes, u would probably want to try going hell gates with ppl u can trust or same or higher 'RANK' or skill level not just IP level.

      it is feasible but not practical considering the number of ppl who wants to go arena will just queue and not queue in the party finder.

      the LFG channel is already dedicated to this function

      i really duno how this current party finder can fulfill its purpose.

      but firstly, maybe the devs can at least let us see the list of players who are looking for group and for what purpose? the current UI is so bad. i just click and wait, players hate waiting we dont mind being more pro-active just give us the tools to do it better.

      what do you guys think? how can we improve this other than making this into a contract system of quest that players give other players.
    • GrayMo wrote:

      Hi @dillydally,

      thank you for your feedback!

      As @H4n1baL stated in A Brief Guide to the Party Finder,
      we will be making some adjustments to the party finder very soon!

      We also have plans to improve the party finder even further, but due to some technical limitations that will take a bit longer.

      I play this game for about 3 days. I play as a tank and i use the party finder everyday.. I agree with dillydally, we have to see how many players wait in party finder, what role is needed for group expeditions.. 2 days now i have found a group only 1 time for a tier 4 expedition.. I am waiting for about 1,5 hours to find a group for expeditions and at the end i am so bored and i left the game.. Expand your tutorial and make the new players find it easier.. Put some unique dungeon armors/weapons in the game too.. Make it friendly for PVE and PVP players (Especially for PVE). Add more instanced dungeons! I wish a developer see the post...

      As a new player, i don't pvp because i want to learn the skills and lvl up my character. Right now the game is unfriendly for the new players. Many of us want to start slowly and build our character (RPG). We want to do some instanced dungeons.. obtain some unique armors / weapons and see how albion online works.. I understand that the main goal of this game is PVP but not everyone want to pvp and not everyone is ready to pvp from the start of the game. I wear t4 gear and i don't want to proceed in pvp zones and lost my gear.. i want to team up and do some dungeons. In my guild not even one is pvping.. everyone farming materials, crafting and do pve content. So please add more PVE content! More RPG variety .. Thank you

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