Bloodletter is too much played

    • Bloodletter is too much played

      I'm a kind of guy that always enjoyed medieval MMO in a simplistic context.
      You are a frontliner? Get a sword and a board.
      You are a DPS? Get two of these swords or one bigger sword.

      Now, as a beta open-world farmer and gatherer, I'm not even ganker, but still put up with most of my fights and understand concept of what are metas and balanced weapons, and we seen lots of change since starts on many weapons.
      One thing this game's Dev are proud of announcing: We designed more than 75 weapons! Yay!
      One thing they don't want rubbed in their face: People only play 6 of them and devs can't balance these 75 weapons, but- shhhh!

      One weapon type we never seen balanced enough tought is the dagger line, especially bloodletter, and I'm about to fall heavy on it because it's the most played and yet every two damn update they feel the urge to add a new W skill instead of balancing it!
      It's played everywhere, and don't make me swallow that AO is made to be enjoyed like that with a variety of more than 75+ weapon. Designers fail miserably somewhere.
      Arena? Bloodletter. Open-world ganking? Bloodletter. Gathering? Bloodletter. Bloodletter Online.

      I will tell you that big secret no one wants to hear: People only looks for gap closers and dash in a hardcore moba, and there's way too much dashes in the dagger line, both in W and in E. (1 on bloodletter, 2 on deathgiver's E skills). Dash, Shadow edge, Infiltration and Chain Slash. so,a possibilitie of 6 dash with some side flavor of your choice, silence, stun or multi-strike, your pick!
      People can't rely on a running skill and organized groups to secure kills anymore. If they organize, they always have 1-2 bloodletter to catch up (instead of boots abilities, like they should be used for) and purge running skills of their victim , that's how running is countered... it's "magically" purged.

      A basic ability such as using your feets for a short sprint is magically purged and the shortest weapon in game is the one covering the most distance, even over bows, and everybody that can afford it plays it. Fix this.

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    • OP weapons always make for silliness in low tier junk. This is why 1v1 should be balanced btw. To work towards seeing a variety of builds that give good chances to survive and prevent a single focus ALWAYS occurring in these metas. But dont nerf it please.....give access to this same mobility and aoe combined on other'd have more variety then while preserving the playability of the bloodletter. I feel similarly about self healing though that is much better than a year ago.
    • My reply isn't about Bloodletter as such. It's more about the general difficulties with balancing in the game.

      I think part of what makes it hard to balance weapons is that the devs decided to put a large majority of resistances, damage modifiers, cc modifiers, etc. on the chestpiece. And in the general design philosophy for the skills on different types of armor.

      This encourages "one meta" when it comes to armor. For many different aspects of the game, there is often "one best" head and "one best" foot. Sometimes there is more than one item that the grop needs. The design philosophy I'm talking about makes it so it very rarely matters which player puts on that particular item.

      I think the game was originaly designed this way to enable people to be on even terms in PvE. If there is a higher damage modifier or ability on a certain headpiece, it's often required that you wear this item to join PvE groups. This made it hard for players with "less than optimal" gear to join serious PvE groups.

      With respeccing we don't have this problem any longer. I can fame farm in the most optimal PvE set and just respec the fame to whatever I want to PvP in. So we don't need to keep the design philosophy that made it not matter what head/feet you're wearing.

      I'd like to see bonuses from armor and abilities redesigned:

      Static bonuses:
      If a full cloth set gives +100% damage, then put 33% on each piece (head, chest, feet). Do the same for all other bonuses.
      This makes it so that it actually matters to the tank if he picks a cloth head to get a certain ability. He will lose some of his survivability.

      We also need to apply the design philosophy to the abilities on armors.
      Heavy armors should have abilities with shorter sprint-like abilities, so they can get in position to make a play or counter the opponent's play. Maybe with cc modifiers blended in or something like frost walk, which is mostly used by tanks.
      Medium armors should prioritize mobility and surprise. Wanterlust belongs on medium boots. So does Ambush. Maybe shorter duration roots or slows belong on medium armor too. Or "engrage" abilities where the player gets a damage buff but also takes increased damage.
      Light armors should prioritize damage bursts of different sorts. The movement abilities on light armor should generally be more defensive in nature. A long range blink or a blink with a short AoE root to nearby enemies would probably be appropriate.

      How would this affect the balancing landscape of weapons?
      It would make it possible to balance on a whole new level. If a tank wants to grab an ability from a light armor piece, he'll lose some survivability. Gankers would be forced into leather mostly, for the mobility. This would allow for others (casters) to make a more "stand your ground" oriented build, where they trade mobility for increased damage. And this is the key, I think, to balancing many aspects of the game. Maybe mobility abilities should be removed from "hunter" weapons altogether and put on armor pieces in stead.

      Obviously this would just force another meta. Like obviously most small groups or solo players would be forced into leather for the mobility. But I think it would give the devs more tools to balance the game to make the meta a bit more varied.
    • You want to nerf bloodletter cuz a suqad of BL killed a bunch of people here and here... I mean if you take a squad as a reference for balancing i whould say rip to the game.

      BL is ok in openworld, ok in small scale pvp, ok in gvg and ok in zvz. The mobility is the feat that makes it usable. The E's is just usefull for the clap but without it it falls for the worst weapon of the game.

      Instead of nerfing BL what about offering some mobility spells to other weapon that needs it?
    • Owlsane wrote:

      BL is ok in openworld, ok in small scale pvp, ok in gvg and ok in zvz.
      I am sorry, but BL is not ok for openworld especially. It could be ok 1v1 against warbow let's say, or other mobile/CC weapons. But there are very specific reasons why gankers on wolves don't use broadswords or fires or some other thing you almost never see out there in victors' hands. If BL truly is supposed to be best catching weapon of open world... don't make it best escaping weapon at the same time, because that's the reason why gankers use it - it's best at keeping their purge cowls and wolves safe. Possible combination with mistcaller deepens the issue, they now have best mobility paired with unrivalaled CD reductions.

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