nerf grudge to buff grudge

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    • nerf grudge to buff grudge


      please nerf grudge by reducing its buff duration by 2 - 3 seconds.

      why, u might ask?
      well, lets have a look at it

      - usage in different (common) scenarios:
      -> 5v5 and bigger? armor piercer
      -> 2v2? if enemy has no healer? u usually wanna burst 1 of them asap (switching targets when invuln etc.)
      if enemy has healer? u usually still wanna attack the same guy
      -> 1v1? max dmg asap

      - regarding the skill itself and the problem with grudges current version: u reach max stacks on 1 target in way less than 10s. taking into account the clipping issue any reapplication at max stacks is wasted.
      met some curse players who used grudge while still way out of range in 1v1s to not have those seconds at max stack with zero dmg ...

      lets assume u start with grudge,
      grudge - auto [1] - Q - (resets) auto [2} - E - auto [3] - Q - (resets) auto [4] - auto [5] - Q - (resets) auto [6]
      if we further assume 0% cdr
      that makes like 6s for max stacks at most, add another sec for potions, still 3 seconds of grudge buff wasted ...
      (if u started Q - grudge ud still be at 7ish)

      possible weakness:
      some builds like bloodletter already dash away when grudge is cast, would make their job easier
      (assassin jacket can wait out 10s as well as 6/7)
      movement-heavy fights let u miss a few autos to max stack grudge
      but its a nerf after all, right? ;)

      Please let me know what you think about this suggestion :).