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    • Evoque wrote:

      This was my major headaches when I was the quartermaster of a GvG guild. I'm not sure if I'll be in a position again to actually need and make these tools. It's just a description of an everyday job that took officers maybe 10 hours per day to handle for 1 or 2 GvG teams. I assume this is the type of work that burns out leaders in guilds very fast.

      Access to market data (doesn't have to be completely accurate, can be 24 hours old)
      Access to the contents of certain chests owned by me or the guild (
      The idea is to make a tool that does the following:
      1. Automatically check what gear is in my GvG'ers chests (needs API)
      2. Compare it against a list of what the GvG'er needs to have in his chest (doesn't need API)
      3. Automatically get material and item prices from AH in order to do step 4 (needs API)
      4. Based on the prices from step 3 make calculations of the items on this list to tell me if it's cheaper to craft or buy the item directly no AH (doesn't need API)
      5. If I'm better off crafting a certain item, automatically tell me if we have the materials in a chest (needs API)
      Currently this super simple task of replenishing gear in a chest is excessively laborious. This was one of the main reasons for burnout from players organizing GvG teams.
    • keep Albion simple.

      Damage meters its only a bullying tool, there are many weapons that can be deleted from the game because don't have AOE and people not using anymore, or you get avoided in groups if you use certain weapons.
      add a damage meter and people will be asked to perform like others with lower ping/latency .
      It just Narrow even more the weapon choices.

      'Spin to win'
    • Personnally, I'd love to access the message I recieve: items sold, items bought, orders expired and even PM (for my own caracters). Consolidating the information of succesfull orders is very important as reading 1 by 1 the messages is impossible once you reach a certain level of activity.

      It seems to be a good start, for a market oriented API.

      Containers are very important to me too.

      On the other hand, while I'm not very inetrested in a Static Data API I would use it, I think it could be easier and nice thing for a start.

      Finally, I'd also love to have more information about kills especially where they occured.

      As for a market API, that would give all the information (not just your own orders), I wonder that it would lead to a "spreadsheet game". Considering that the economy is already quite bad (deflation, excess of items , ressources) it could definetelly kill the game for a lot of players. On the other hand, we lose a lot of time using the market. So it were to happen I think a request should have an ingame cost, you would use food, silver or an item speciallly created to gather the information.
      (i.e. from a roleplay perspective you need to send courriers to the market to get the information or you need paper to write it or both ...) Anyway I don't think it should be a priority, I'd rather enjoy a new market interface.

      Whatever you do, I think that a very good documentation (complete at least) is important. It would allow everyone to participate, create some hype with a lot of man labor but also it wouldn't give a too big advantage to some people.

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      Personnally, I'd love to access the message I recieve: items sold, items bought, orders expired and even PM (for my own caracters). Consolidating the information of succesfull orders is very important as reading 1 by 1 the messages is impossible once you reach a certain level of activity.
      Yeah, being able to export my mail would be great. Then I can begin keeping top secret files on all the carrot buyers and sellers.
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    • Can we get a real API? Like that actually tracks information correctly and can be used to access ingame stuff from guilds and players? Would be nice to have players allow the guild to access information such as skills and records so that the guilds can keep better track of what type of players they have and what they need to focus on.
    • Evoque wrote:

      Hey everyone,

      A topic that comes up from time to time is the amount of data accessible to you outside of the game. Be it for guild management support, to track income and progress of members etc. in a more convenient way. To create animated and interactive maps, reward systems integrated to Twitch or tools that enhance your experience working with the market… the list goes on...

      We have also seen notable community projects in the past based on the data currently accessible; for example some of the more recent and well received tools being: albiononline2d database or damage meters.

      So what would we like from you?

      It would be great to gather more consolidated feedback on this, to establish a prioritized list together to forward to the development team. Then we can build a better understanding of what tools and therefore data would be most useful for you.

      More specifically please include:
      • An indication on what kind of information you would request
      • What you could imagine using that for (what tools could be built) and
      • If more than one, what the priority of these requests would be for you. (most beneficiary one at the top)
      Please keep in mind that while we cannot guarantee that these API requests will be developed, establishing a prioritized list will make it much easier for us to evaluate these possibilities going forward.

      Thanks all!

      - Evoque

      I am def late to this threat, but I give it a try anyway.

      I wish there was some kind of API for black and red zones, attacking, defending, timers, etc. gained and lost. :D
      Would be neat to use it to create like a map that could be used out of game, or like a reminder for alliances/guilds that this and that is being attacked, or that they are attacking something.
    • Stravanov wrote:

      slizzard wrote:


      • Market data: Efficient economies need deeper insights.

      A way to quickly extract market information and put it in our spreadsheets. It gets really old to update prices of 12 tiers of materials for just a few resourses every day.
      There is already a way to do this. If you know any know how on APIs you can get all of the data from albion-online-data.com/ you can pull real time prices from the game. Also if you are trying to use Sheets there is scripts that you can use to update these prices using Javascript. would take about 120 lines of code if you do it correctly.