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  • Balancing Non-Consensual PvP

    Slen - - Developers' Statements


    You are already on the wrong track. There is no way to make everyone happy, especially when you are talking about two completely opposite reasons for playing the game. This was introduced and is supposed to be a full loot pvp game. I personally want to see harsher penalties for death on both sides, consensual and non consensual pvp. You all have already nerfed pvp big time. So the answer I want is what are you making this game into? You have to pick a side, care bear or pvp. I would appreciate a…

  • Bot Detection VS Player

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    Zitat von Tacet: „Does Albion Online have any kind of system in place that checks an account when it is reported for botting? Lately, while doing other things on my computer, I keep Albion Online in the background occasionally clicking every few minutes on some t2 and/or t3 resources near my character. To a player walking by seeing a nearly naked person not responding back to their text and doing the same thing over and over again, my account would look like a bot and it would likely be reported…

  • Please fix this problem. It is obvious who is responsible for the raising gold prices if it is not in fact Albion itself that is hiking them up. Just think about it logically. 1. Gold prices rose by 300 silver in the past week. That is more than double. Either a HUGE influx of people just happened to start playing(which has not happened) or some one with a HUGE amount of silver just decided to throw everything into gold every day or two. 2. A normal player would not have any reason, or rather me…

  • Reasons for Quitting

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    Decided to list my reasons for quitting this game here. This game could have been decent but fell short. The reasons are not in order of importance but all are important. If anyone else is quitting might as well add them to this post so the devs at least know why and can improve off it. 1. Lag - I know this may be fixed in time as all games claim but right now it is horrible. A game where you have to watch for an animation to use a block animation you can not have any delay. Yes I can manage to …