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  • Came back today after 1 month. Played some arenas and I see no improvements on matchmaking (so we still get matches being 5randoms VS 5premades), and the new weapons seems unbalanced.

  • Zitat von bloodfalcon: „Not being able to play due to server issues and DDoS attacks is okay, but giving no ETA for a GNU/Linux fix is really annoying. What should I do now? Install Windows in order to play? Albion Site states that there is GNU/Linux support. And I guess that there will be no compensation for this. But all others will get compensation for the normal server issues. Seems to be unfair. “ The thing that I most heard of about albion was "The only TRUE multiplataform game".

  • Zitat von Legionsaga89: „Zitat von DxMG: „Zitat von Shermie: „This is going the ArcheAge way, they had a lot of potential and players but they failed the first 2 weeks after launch, they never recovered the lost players. In today's standards if you fail to deliver specially after 3 years of alpha/beta you will loose half of your player-base and will only have the die hard fans left playing the game after few months. No bout Albion will be in the top 10 failed game launch up whit ArcheAge, and No…

  • Zitat von Tyrannosauross: „Hey, I'm just looking for some insurance here but I literally purchased the game about 15 minutes ago, I understand why I can't log in but if this is something that's going to be a continual problem for the next few days / week would it be possible to get a refund? Thanks, I'm sure this is a greatL “ In some countries you can refund any online purchase within 1 week. Look for it in your credit card terms or something like that.

  • Zitat von Leb: „Why the fuck are they not shutting down the god dam servers. “ Thats what I dont understand. Some couldnt even login in their accounts in the past 12hrs, but others were able to play with 0 problems. That's unfair! Finally they shut down the servers so no one gets ahead because of server problems.