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    Nick: Mayaoc - Isim: Doğukan - Yas: 23 - AO tecrubesi: 2ay - Daha once oynadiginiz Guildler: - - Neden tridra:Arkadaşım görkem Tazztr tavsiye etti. -Class:Warmaster

  • Hi, I was a moba player and never played mmorpg like albion online. So, Albion Online is my first mmorpg game. I was so enjoying while playing until I accidentally deleted the character because I want to create new character in order to play with my friend in same region. I deleted it because I wanted to my nickname stay same. but I didn't know until I realized premium is on the character not on the account. As I say, I am too newbie to these subjects. They say you could read the information bef…