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  • Zitat von graymouser: „if UO is so good, why then is nobody playing it? “ Because the game has been smoldering garbage since 2003 (some would argue earlier, even); today it's so far removed from the original game that it might as well be Albion.

  • Zitat von Flightrisk: „I loved the oldschool UO PvP, in general, how does this game compare to that? “ My advice: \giphy.gif

  • Zitat von Jimeh: „Then you have people pulling mobs all over the map on purpose, probably to spots to kill players. The reason WoW (and every other game ever) has these leash ranges is because you can't make a game world built to handle your world bosses all over the place. People have and will abuse it. Crazy you'd accuse them of plagiarizing and not know this simple thing. “ Yet kiting world bosses was done all the time in WoW, duh. Also, any "abuse" is self-lim…

  • Stop Defending a half-built game.

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    Zitat von TellTales: „As for Ashes of Creation, there are many, many popular elements incorporated into the game that have generally appealed to the MMO market. They've had one of the most successful Kickstarters in history and are actually meeting their ambitious deadlines; but the content already produced and available alone is enough to highlight how seriously talented their entire team is. “ Talented at swindling money from desperate people, anyway. But that's par for the course when your CE…

  • Zitat von Raskholnikov: „To make a mob give up the fight, the requirement should be running a certain distance whithout any hit to the mob “ When they plagiarized WoW's leash mechanic they didn't reproduce this detail because they don't understand anything they copypaste from other games.