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  • some interesting points so let me share my thoughts - I don't remember any of the people I ran expeditions with so ture... but that is mainly cuz expedition last short only around 15min, there is no need for specific co-operation (anyone will fit as long as he have proper build)since they are easy and give small rewards - Gathering is solo work that's actually not rly true. In bigger guilds ppl gather together for safety purpose but i would like to see some group buffs - I don't need anyone's he…

  • major heal nerf inc

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    rly bad changes. It's like we have a problem, but don't even know where so lets nerf everywhere. Well i made small calculations for 30 healing session:…iP0xnEds/edit?usp=sharing So 1h holy gets -14% heal decreased 81% mana cost increase and -52%(!!!) overall efficiency decrease in extended fights. Actually it may be even worst since calculations don't include bonus from rest of set and changes to the eye of secrets. PS. I will finally enjoy expedition w8ing timer K…

  • Fajna sprawa taki raport. Myślę, że większość szarych graczy mała wie o tym co dzieje się pomiędzy większymi graczami na czarnych, a osobiście ciekawiło mnie wczoraj co to z Gentlemen się dzieje Licze na więcej

  • Zitat von Blackboa: „So killing new players in the red zone means that solo ganking is alive and well? I think you are mistaken @AllSins. Although I respect Beststrike, solo ganking is not well at all my friends. Anyone can go into the red zones and pull off easy kills with the type of players who are there. They are brand new to the game and have no clue about the game mechanics. Any skilled player now has become virtually unkillable due to this change and it has promoted zerg gameplay over the…

  • take this like just take it !!! topic deserve it all. To bad that brain dead gankers are majority of this game. Hope devs will stick with their idea

  • If you are going to remove Open World PVP

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    ganking 1v1 still possible ... and rly that gank on blackboa was such a low quality ... 5ppl droped right on top of him w/o idea. ppl like that deserve to get rekt by patches, maybe now gankers will use their brain and will start setting real traps rather than droping with 5ppl on gatherers. NO EZ $$$ BOYS

  • Why do you punish EU players?

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    " we made maintenance on hour where least people are online. It is a planned feature that will suit best most regions" - or so they would say oh and " we are under ddos attack 23h a day so 12 cest is the only time available" and better prepare for " we didn't expect so many players so maintenance is taking longer than expected. Pls be patient "

  • Scammed by Thod of the guild Besafe!

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    Zitat von Malthuras: „Zitat von Bailey: „Zitat von Elsa: „Zitat von Dariac: „I put my faith in the very active and helpfull mods that they can sort this mess out. “ And we put our faith into players being smart enough to not get scammed.I'm sorry to hear this happened to you, but higher powers will not intervene into the situation as long as valid game mechanics are being used. You pressed the "Accept" button on the trade after all. Please, be more careful in the future. “ Nevermind game rules, …

  • Awesome that we get some information, however: Zitat von Bercilak: „... In addition to the technical matters, we will also look into game balance to deal with the overcrowding of certain zones. In particular, we'll look into the respawn rates of resources and might give them a temporary boost while such a large number of players stands at the same progression levels, competing over the same resources. Kind regards, Stefan “ wouldn't that totally mess crafters ??? lot of us would be left with ite…

  • dps are overpowered they deal tons of dmg, got stun and lifesteal so they are unkillable. clearly overpowered they should only auto attack for half the dmg... if you disagree you are dps and you opinion is biased - does not count.

  • just lower time for afks ... ppl afk around chest and market ...