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  • 1h bow leaked

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    madness indeed

  • the only thing that bothers me is the pixelated maps.. why not vector :<

  • Thanks for the update, great news and i guess it's both great and awful to exceed your expectations Can't the city itself run in say 2-3 mini-clusters that are connected? or a district for each cluster ? that could balance the load, or can't it ? The Careleon solution is good but consider 1200 people that most of they do is instance in and out ah/bank/guild isle and the such, isn't there a better way to do this ? Thanks again, have a productive week !

  • - In game name : RazieL + Angelik - Role you'd like to fulfill (pvp focused / gathering / GVGs ; PvP Healer/cotton gatherer as raziel / and PvP dps as angelik (warbow) - Reason you'd like to join : Let me tell you a short story. RazieL is running around a T5 zone, chillin, pumping his hemp collecting skill tier to 7/100 happy, many materials, fast horse mount, life is good. but alas he does not know that 2 noobs are about to jump him and to his great surprise, he moved sometime ago to a Richful …

  • Go drink something for 5 minutes, let them reset properly and then, alast, login and.. let chaos unleash ;>

  • actually impressive xd

  • LimelightYO is the best player in Albion.

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    I'm sure it'll be fun looting you.

  • Nice article, However, 35 Hours or more for a map ? That sounds a lot IMO you could lower this ammount by updating all the checks the map dev's go through in the stages of the design + giving them more power to 'run' a map fast and do the fine touches at the very end (npc's,grass).

  • Roadmap to Closed Beta

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    Zitat von Superman: „The waiting.....“ this...

  • Well, you could go kill somebody, preferably with somebody else, and loot his gear and use it ? The universal guild as tho feels needed, it is not i think it ruins the concept of the game and reality, gold should work like that in the bank tho, not items. if u kill a fox u shouldnt get an armor. if u kill a t3 bandit u might e able to loot his sword and or armor etc wtvr he was using, that does make sense.

  • Few words and suggestions

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    Hello all. First of all, i wanted to say to the dev's i think that so far they made quite an incredible job and i'm looking forward to see their further development. Now a few critical things that i think could be improved - this bothered me at the very start ; 1) more simple- item stat/Info Display 2) more convenient item equip/unequip 3) chat window customization / fonts 4) UI scalability + customization 5) Salvage stack 6) repair all 7) craft 'max' 8) key customization 9) ingame-options 10) b…