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  • Current Situation that bothers a lot of players - Guild Management and distibution of Items tends to be unfair / Imbalanced - Nobody can contribute "in every Aspect" to a guild, some win GvG Fights others only gather, so who contributes "more" and "get's" out of the Guild ? - Leechers can't be unveiled that easy - The "Feeling" of "how much to contribute" to a guild is very vague Problems to solve - Players should have a motivation to give looted Items back to the Guild community - Without lots …

  • The should move their Servers... GW2 had their servers in the US with a 80 ish ping....not 200 Currently it's just a mess...hope they have a plan ....or they'll most likely loose players fast

  • Getting worse.. Ping 200 is a joke Rubber-Banding the whole day like crazy makes "everything" just stupid

  • Haus Stark - wir suchen DICH!

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    Ich geb dem mal ein Push

  • DDos Protection

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    @Doxl You seem to know it all. - Oh Wait - no DDos is not just a simple "many connections to a Single Server" - so scale the server - Problem. DDos Protection is not as Easy as you think. Buying DDOs Protection is not an "addon" to the current Environment. Most DDos Protection Offers include, that everything is hosted at their - or under their hood. In case of trivial-normal Websites this seems to be pretty easy nowadays, see Cloudflare and so on. For Webseite you could just use Mechanics like A…

  • If the Loginserver would have such things as Autoscaling, this would hurt so much....But since the Game Scales pretty Static...this is a problem =)

  • [Bug] There are still some strange Bugs in the game nevertheless.e.g. when you see "pointed" Ore but you 'll gather only flat Ore. It can be that you and a buddy see the same ore but for you its a different Quality.

  • Super Duper Important Feature Requests - [REQ PRIO A] Get rid of all those Scrolling Bars. Inventory is just way too wide, make it more like PoE. Guild Overview….endless Scrolling isn’t “The Game of Scrolling”, or is it ? People want to see what they have, not to Scroll up and down for every Bag / List they are facing. - [REQ PRIO A] Guild Management is very open for Exploitation. No “log” who get’s stuff in or out. Drama and Frustration should not be a Game Design choice. Furthermore as Guild M…

  • Heroic Charges gehen verloren

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    Ich kann mir vorstellen das der Bug bei vielen Waffen auftritt. Wenn der "Q" Skill z.b. Heroic Charges Produziert (wie bei den Dual Schwertern), und man will dann mit Spinning Blades irgendwo hin springen in der Hoffnung der 3-Stack Schaden zu erhalten, verliert man häufig den Effekt "während dem Flug". Also der "Check" ob 3 Stacks da sind, sollte beim Auslösen den Skills geprüft werden, nicht erst beim Landen.

  • Who the fuck do you think you are ?

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    My @Limelight Opinion, he must be a paied Troll to create some kind of childish drama to entertain some people here. The internet gives birth to a lot of people, that normally should be 24/7 in a mental hospital under constant medication, but im surprised more that often what kind of people are presenting themselfs here or there in public forums in ways you could not even imagine. Its sometimes funny and very sad at the same time.

  • Name policy - reservation

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    @Elsa I see a concern, because a lot of people may not want to use their Forum names as ingame names. But nevertheless Question: What happens with a "Forum Reserved name" when the owning-User dont even play Albion in the First place, or chose to take another name for his chracter at launch - What happens with the "Reserved" Name ?

  • EU Ping

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    Not sure if this is possible, but they should spread the cluster over some regional datacenters, so that EU ppl would have a good / better ping in some regions and US ppl in other regions vis versa...

  • Feedback / Issues

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    QOL Part 2 - An name-autocomplete function in the chat, e.g. starting with a @ and 2 characters - more Settings for the chat Window ( When to fade out, Size, Font, Background,...) - Highlighting Names (at least players name) in Chat , e.g. like in twitch UI - get rid of all top-right buttons, those are more more or less accessible via Shortcut, or make a new optionmenü after hitting esc - give the users an ability to replace the currenty Unit / Raid frames and Button bar ...and to optional disab…

  • Feedback / Issues

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    QOL - Suggestions - Make the Player and Target Frames "Moveable" (also this would make buff/ Debuff tracking easier) - I would like to have a Option to turn ON/OFF Health Bars over NPC-Enemies (e.g. the "V" button in WOW) - Would like to have a "Default" Chat Channel for your Language (e.g. Germand, English) - Global seems overcrowded and not helpful while too many languages - Ability to Change the Background Color of the Chat Window including Transparency - I would like a option to Autoloot, wh…

  • Eine gute Rangehensweise für Projektmanager ist, sich vor beginn ihres Projekts die Frage zu stellen, "Warum wird mein Projekt scheitern" ? Die 3 ersten Antworten sind auch direkt oft die wichtigsten Risiken. Also rein spekulativ, warum wird / würde Albion eurer Meinung nach scheitern ? Meine Top 3 sind: 1. Aufgrund der Cross Plattform Kompromisse (UI / Grafik /UX) wird ist für die überwiegende Zahl der PC User und Reviewer schlechte Bewertungen hageln. Das mag zwar für einzelne Spieler Nebensac…

  • 1. I Wish that there would be a LEARNING CURVE, and that Combat would be actually hard to Master 2. I Wish that the UI/UX & Graphics would be at least on paar with LOW Budget Industrie Standards 3. I Wish that also Small Guilds that cant get into HC Alliances would have their Fun Spot

  • When it comes to UX/UI the game "is very open to a lot of improvements". Still after occasionally loggin in to see if anythign has changed in the last1 1-2 years, i merely noticed something. They should have taken a look at some games, where UI and Modding is a thing that thrives the community. (e.g. wow as most prominent).. Since they are still sitting on their "old" Engine i doubt that graphics nor UI will improve much in the end.

  • And by that topic i mean unique things, that other games are missing I'll start with: 1) I like the depth of customization i can have with World of Warcraft User Interface / Addons and the directness of which it response to actions 2) I like the sheer endless skillfulness and learning curve in MOBAs (in my case HOTS) 3) I like the creative openess in Minecraft and the way you can be entertained just by yourself

  • Reallitycheck @SpooN04 and @KingMoJo Im asking myself how you think time / effort should be the main factor. They are obviously not the factor when it comes to talent, oder intellectual capabilities. With the mindset "A effort driven Game" you could easily erase the word "skill" from from the Conversation. I doubt you can get a Master or phd in theoretical physics, be good at art, nor be a football / sports semi-pro, no matter how much time and effort you are goint to invest.There are so much mo…

  • @Bercilak Will the Results of this Feedback be made public ? Would be interesting to see the broader opinion. While I lost interest in the game long time ago, mostly because the game tends to favor the people with the most time, or the biggest alliance, I felt like the niche for "normal players with a normal real life" was getting smaller and smaller. Furthermore i have seen 1vs1 Battles that where so boring, and in the end mostly the one with the most invested time (Tier) won, and even if i hav…