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  • Zitat von joanchi: „Healer, arcane, 1 off tank, 2 dps. try xbow with curse and polehammer off tank, wild staff healer and arcane with 1 hander. “ Zitat von Nietz: „The meta right now is pretty much dumbed down to a point in which 60% to 80% of your team composition should be pre-defined. Arcane, nature, crossbow and polehamer (or dual swords) make the most common composition. You can complete it with a few options like dual swords (if you got polehammer, and vice-versa), warbow, artifact dagger …

  • Hey everyone, Just looking to get some more opinions on hellgate comps and strategies. What are you and your team running? What are the must-have roles/setups and what are some less-known setups that are still really viable?

  • Zitat von UnholyKiller: „Zitat von Saya: „I hate that you need another account to make the nefarious/dreaded style of gameplay viable most PKers will stay above that level just so they don't lose town/island access and we'll hardly ever see super bad-ass criminals except outside black-zone towns “ If you really wanted to be a bad-ass and kill lots of people, why wouldn't you want to go to the Black zones and get away from the yellow and red starter areas? “ and in addition to what Saya said, sin…

  • Zitat von Rokov: „Zitat von ashon: „Zitat von Rokov: „If you dont know what exactly to do - just go to farm t5-t6 solo morgana dungeons, its pretty easy to farm with t4.2 gear and pretty nice amount of silver and fame here, 6 hours and premium status for one month is yourth. “ Is there a way to tell if it's a "morgana" dungeon before going in? If I click on it on the map will it say Morgana? “ Yea, any red zone dungeon in snow or in mountains is morganas dungeon. t5 is "Dungeon of Sighs" and t6 …

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    How are you guys related to Rising Phoenix? I was looking up some of your kills on the killboard and noticed that a lot of them were grouped with guys from that guild, then I noticed that both of your guilds were formed at roughly the same time. Additionally, do you have a realistic timeline for when you think you'll start trying to move into black zones? I'm looking for a PVP focused guild and think you guys would be a good fit, but I'm worried the small member numbers might mean we'd be limite…

  • Zitat von Gank: „use an alt or wait for rep gain “ can I give the alt access remotely? Or do I have to be able to actually visit the island to change the access rights? I don't currently have an alt made so I'd have to make a new one

  • My rep turned infamous yesterday so I'm not able to get back into green/yellow zones. Is the only way for me to delete my player island (so I can rebuild it in a red/black city) to grind my rep back to neutral? Can I give one of my alt's full access to the island remotely? Or do I have to actually be able to go to the island to change access rights?

  • Zitat von Rokov: „ If you dont know what exactly to do - just go to farm t5-t6 solo morgana dungeons, its pretty easy to farm with t4.2 gear and pretty nice amount of silver and fame here, 6 hours and premium status for one month is yourth. “ Is there a way to tell if it's a "morgana" dungeon before going in? If I click on it on the map will it say Morgana?

  • Zitat von ElSwoopy: „My playstyle is basically 'cater for myself, and others for cash'. I play heavy armor and swords - which I can gather materials for and craft all the way to my current combat tier. I take advantage of this by spending a few hours a week gathering, crafting myself multitudes of sets to wear for PvP, and selling excess sets I don't use on top of the spoils of war. With this method I easily make enough to pay the monthly rent after 3-5 days of active play. It's how I currently …

  • Zitat von Ophelia: „Dungeons and Mercenaries. “ Out of curiosity, what Tier are your Mercenaries? I've been experimenting with them myself and they're about to reach T3. I'd love to hear from someone how much T3-T5 bring back.

  • Just curious what everyone else is doing for making money. It looks like the cost for 1 month's premium is over 600k silver, so it's time for me to start farming group dungeons or finding an alternative way to make money.

  • Zitat von Korn: „Hi @Dragis, thanks for your feedback. 1. Currently, PvPers are camping gates because gate camping is too easy, and gate campers have an easy escape back into the town if they are faced with real danger. We will address these issues as announced here. A result of that will be that PvP will move away from the gates and into the zones proper. 2. We will share our concept for the revised outlands with the community shortly. 3. Reworking the outland map design will take some time. We…

  • Zitat von Farming: „Zitat von Pasky: „....... It split the playerbase, gathering/crafting became boring grinds and pvp'ers didn't have people to murder or anti-pk. “ I think developing around the idea that we are going to "feed" players to pkers is setting yourself up for absolute failure.If you have no intent of fighting then you shouldn't be forced to (ex: feed gatherers to pkers, feed solo/small groups to zergs). Everyone in a dangerous zone should be there ready to fight, its their choice to…

  • Maxed my Island at Dautensea

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    Do you have guilds that you're friends with? Or do you pretty much live in Black zones as a solo player? I've been considering moving to black zones, but wondered how hard it would be as a solo player without black zone guild support.

  • Zitat von VOC: „Status as of 0828 “ If you don't mind me asking, do you get most of your resources from Laborers? Or do you actually gather a lot by hand?

  • Where do you make most of your silver? Soloing T7 dungeons? or do you have other ways?

  • Zitat von Sond: „I don't need nor want red dots on the map in black zones, but I would like to know if 50 people are a screen or 3 away somehow. “ Agreed. You don't need to have an "all or nothing" system where you either show exactly where groups are or don't show them at all. There should be some way to at least know if you're alone, near other people, or close to a large army

  • My OpenWorld PVP build

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    I've watched every single one of your Albion videos (some multiple times), but I always wish I could watch the whole stream. Have you considered streaming on twitch more and turning past broadcasts on? I know I for one would definitely go back and watch the videos. Or at bare minimum (since I assume you record most of your playtime anyways), post uncut videos?

  • I've seen quite a few people complaining that the maps are too large for solo players to realistically find people, and because of the current zerg-friendly state of the game, it's far too easy to run into large groups. For those of you who haven't played Eve Online, it's map is MASSIVE, and split similar to Albion into High security (green), Low Security (Yellow/Red), and Null Security (black) zones. Despite it's size however, I never found it too difficult to both go out and find fights, and a…

  • Thanks for all the tips everyone! This gives me a lot to think about and some viable options to try out. Zitat von SamDog: „Get on the boards and persuade the Devs not to make big maps. Big maps kill pvp games. your humble servent SamDag “ Coming from Eve Online, I don't think this is true at all. However, having big maps AND no information about other players in your current zone does seem to put a lot of strain on it. I don't exactly understand why they don't give you a player count in Red/Bla…