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  • Albion Crashing

    Nietz - - Bugs


    I have the same issue, did you find a fix?

  • Quote from Retroman: “Another Combat Balance Change in Queen will be this: Misc - Healing Sickness for 2 Healers: 25.9% -> 30% - Healing Sickness for 2 Healers or more - Debuff Duration: 5s -> 8s This change is intended to reduce the effectiveness of double healer teams in 5v5 content. Cheers, Retro ” Feels like a really lazy solution retro, first because you'll be affecting ZvZs with no need to, second because it might not even be enough for 5vs5, so a lose-lose situation. Not to mention that a…

  • Good changes overall, but as others said, the soft cap should be kept at 80% until at least tier 3, otherwise you'll just be enabling gear snowballing, which is the opposite of what the system should try to achieve.

  • I hope you guys realize that the safe fame is not being nerfed at all. The richest HCE players will still have enough silver to keep going and getting absurd amounts of fame in high tier maps while tax evading. This patch will only hurt the starting players faming lower tier maps that already have severe issues with silver in HCEs due to the past nerfs, and those are the players who should have the option to fame safely (considering both fame and silver in lower tiers are worse than in OW-PvE al…

  • I can't understand why they are nerfing the silver drop in HCEs. All the feedback given before pointed out that the issue with HCEs is the fame gain in high tier maps (10~13). The total silver yield is already not that great considered the cost to run HCEs (consummables, repair, autorespec etc), to the point that most of HCErs have to tax evade in order to profit. So what we have now is a change that will remove HCEs as a valid option from starting/poor players while the rich will still be makin…

  • I'd just like to point out that after multiple nerfs to silver drop, HCEs are already not that profitable, contrary to what people believe. Playing in a guild with average tax (15%ish) already means you lose money most of the time, considering autorespec, cost of consummables and an average of one death/half a death per expedition. The high silver values you see on rankings are completely mitigated by these costs. With that said, the nerf to HCEs should be to FAME GAIN in high tiers (especially …

  • Damn I feel so stupid, I got used to having to open the second client directly because the launcher wouldn't allow it in early betas (iirc) and never tried it again. That was it thanks @Amoebius76 @tabooshka.

  • Hey, thanks for the reply, it's all in the same directory, for the second account I just use the client directly from the folder instead of opening the launcher.

  • Since the easycheat patch I can't multiclient anymore because the second account is always kicked after a couple seconds online. Is this a known issue? Edit. I have already tried to reinstall the game and it's still the same. Anyone else with this issue?

  • That's... hopeful, to say the least, considering the current amount of 10+men ganking groups spread in portal zones, the dungeon diving groups etc. I'd never underestimate the capability of Albion's playerbase to play the zerg+1 card in every possible situation to get an advantage. Just a random idea, but maybe if the entrances only allowed groups of up to 5 people, and then inside you'd be able to friendly fire guild/alliance members, while not even being able to see their names to know it's th…

  • Sorry for the silly question, but can multiple parties enter the same randomized dungeon or if multiple groups enter the same portal they'll each be in a different randomized dungeon? If the former, how to deal with larger parties storming these and making small-scale content as unaccessible as ever?

  • It'd be nice to have an "scrim" option in the activities category, not just for people making actual scrim groups but as a way to find other groups ready to fight.

  • Hey @H4n1baL, follow up question if I may: in the video, the activity category in the group finder doesn't show an "scrims" option; will there be one? If not, I'd like to suggest it.

  • Really nice additions, especially to ZvZs. Will it be possible to keybind the action of setting a marker on a target?

  • I'd like to request a change to the NA timeslot. 04 UTC is 11pm EST, which is already outside east coast NA primetime. Worse than that, and unless I'm mistaken, on EDT it'll be midnight. On top of that, I think it is important to consider that some countries with relevant population in the game (e.g. Brazil) will be completely excluded. Although not the priority, and I understand that, it is still possible to set a time inside the NA primetime that would also include other countries. For that ma…

  • I don't mind the tag suggestion at all if people actually think that'd help to get more feedback, but I do agree with elenol that it might be overestimating the influence of the rt.

  • This entire talk about carebears, exploiters and whatnot is absurdly one-dimensional, to say the least, and against the whole concept of what the RT should be in the first place. Honestly, I'm glad the discussions there are usually about game mechanics and not this reddit alliance war mentality. For that matter, I agree with @Gank and @Gugusteh. I wish they'd make some form of periodic report with a list of the main topics being discussed in the RT just so people would see the general tone there…

  • I'd rather have a simple and objective rule than a bunch of arbitrary standards as to which guilds deserve or not to be there. Plus, as others mentioned, diplomacy and trading are and should be competitive options in a sandbox. Not only that, being honest, probably 80% of the RT invited members rarely, if ever, post there, so we certainly have room for more people without it becoming too messy.

  • AVG item power with off-hands

    Nietz - - Bugs


    I can confirm. My tank had 1408 avg IP, and today it has 1365, no items changed. If I add all IP values manually and divide by the number of items it still gives the old 1408, which means the game is calculating it wrong. Current: 1393 + 1488 + 1451 +1408 + 1478 + 1230 = 8448 / 6 = 1408, but game says 1365. The mastery bonus of the offhand is not being considered by the game, as OP pointed out.

  • @Korn I just think it should be considered that, in practice, you'll be creating another silver wall for entrance teams/guilds. You are not considering the fact that 8.2/8.3 GvGs are not the norm, and that the big alliances will keep using 8.1 for regular GvGs, but this time overcharged (because believe me, we can overcharge and lose 8.1 for the rest of our lives), while the small guy will have to get that same 8.1 he had before with much difficulty, and then overcharge it too. The propositions …