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  • Please adjust the volume on some of the farm animal noises. Thank you for improving them, but honestly the piglets scream at you now and it's pretty annoying.

  • One Year of Free-to-Play

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    Quote from PrintsKaspian: “4437a0a734076e31f35588eb6c26e83f7d6dc301.jpeg One year ago today, Albion Online went free-to-play, introducing the world of Albion to a broad range of new players all over the world. The Albion community has grown tremendously since then, and continues to grow month by month. Whether you're a hardcore veteran or a brand-new arrival to the shores of Albion, we're grateful to have you with us during such an exciting time for the game, and we look forward to everything th…

  • Developers: You should remove the Outlaw debuff from Intimidating Aura on the Grizzly Bear transport mount. This mount's purpose is to help transport large amounts of goods, and usually the aura is used as a last ditch effort against gankers when the mount is low on health. Since most ppl will use this with 100% if you get then you're pretty much screwed. I don't understand why when you use this ability it flags you as outlaw preventing you from entering your own hideout. That doesn't make any s…

  • Farming bug with cow's milk

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    Just checked this morning and yep it's still happening....Some have 1 second left, others 2 mins, 5 seconds etc it's all over the map. I made sure that all of the cows were full yesterday and couldn't be fed more carrots so this is indeed some weird bug.

  • Farming bug with cow's milk

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    I've been experiencing a weird intermittent bug that's been happening the last few days since patch 8. I have 900 carrots to feed my 90 cows so I know it's not me. When I go to get the milk the next day a few of them will have 1 or 2 seconds left on the timer so I have to spent more resources for me to get the milk. 34 out of 90 today had this bug happen...

  • Quote from NinjaPwnage: “black screen while connecting im stuck in black zone north portal My character name : NinjaPwnage i cant log in everytime i try to log in and connecting into the game i see the loading screen of north portal then i get black screen then i get kicked out to login screen again ” It's happening to me as well starting with today's server restart...

  • Quote from Zoream: “An excellent idea, +10 ” Thanks it would be very cool if even a fraction of something like this was added. Too many toxic idiots in the game, and this would be nice feature to help cull them.

  • Redsaw's General Feedback Thread.

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    Quote from Redsaw: “This thread serves the purpose of providing some insight into various relations, deals and contracts i've made and had in the past and present. ” I met Redsaw when I joined the guild Dead Goat's Society and have been friends with him since. It has now been almost 3 years, and although he is not my Guild Leader / Officer anymore, I still keep in touch. I've been doing contract work for his labourers starting in the summer of 2019, and then recently have begun again. Redsaw is …

  • Quote from iRawr: “You better play a good games. Normal ready-check is 10 seconds. And normal q is not more then 30 seconds. I dont wanna wait 2:30 before the afk guy will be kicked out. 10 seconds is more then enough. And change channel cast to 1 second. ” Well the issue now is the queue pops an average of 5-8 times because of it being a small timer. Again it's a suggestion, even 1 minute is better then 30 seconds. TBH, I'm more interested in wanting an updated UI. Thank you for the feedback iR…

  • Hello, I've noticed the Arena queuing system's UI is very bland and there isn't enough time given. Many folks duel while waiting for the queue but it's way too short. How about increasing it to 2 mins to 2:30 s to be more in line with other game's queue systems. Also the UI could use some work, I made a quick photoshop mock-up to demonstrate an updated UI look, obviously green is those that clicked start and those that haven't yet it would appear in a red colour. <a href=arena-Queue.png">

  • Hideouts aren't really hidden at all, they are guild bases and should have just been called that. I know the changes made which makes them invisible when constructing. Here's my suggestion Upgrading a hideout to T2 or T3 (I prefer T3 tbh) makes them invisible on the map again except of course for alliance and guild members. However, whoever owns the territory of the map will also be able to see these hidden hideouts. With some further tweaks they can actually be what their name suggests.

  • Poll: Alliance Feature

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    How about removing alliances but allowing a guild to have 1 friendly guild and 1 nemesis guild. Friendly guild would of course allow for non friendly fire and show up as purple now. Nemesis guild would allow for Guild vs Guild full loot pvp action anywhere in the game except for Royal Cities. In order to be nemesis both guilds have to have each other as enemies.

  • Please SBI, Bounty System

  • Quote from Elsa: “You can get fishing fame by eating fish. If it counted to the overall stats, it would make the gathering stat rather meaningless, as it would no longer show the effort you put into gathering resources - you could simply buy and eat fish to boost that stat. ” That's an easy fix though, don't have eating fish count towards leveling fishing and keep it as a buff only. It's frankly dumb you "level" fisherman by just eating fish, how does that make any sense since it just makes the …

  • Is there a reason why fishing does not give gathering fame? It gives fame, but not for gathering and it's a gathering profession. Fishing takes a long time to level up especially without learning points, so it would be nice to have gathering fame attached to it like all the other professions.

  • I like the changes but I think it should be a reward for a Level 2 or 3 hideout and not just the starter one.

  • Is the fishing bug in T7 zones fixed now? Btw how is it fair that no moutain royal zone has a T7 one but all the others do? Mountain regions also have barely any water available in them? Why not make it so T6 winter zones behave like in the old system because that isn't fair at all...

  • Quote from Redsaw: “Bump, people have been begging for a bounty hunter system in Albion Online since the game launched, finally someone took the time to properly spell out and come with an in depth suggestion, SBI should take the time to read this and formulate a response. @Korn ” Thank you Redsaw for your feedback!

  • Quote from LordSilva: “Quote from Jerek: “Quote from GrieferXd: “lol someone just got ganked ” Nope sorry to burst your bubble buddy it was someone in general complaining and I thought it would be an alright suggestion. ” Well, you are not wrong, the system should not remove the count simply because it was invisible, because in reality the character is still on the map. ” Exactly, definitely a broken part of the yellow/red zone (mainly for red cause of full loot), and should be addressed.

  • Quote from GrieferXd: “lol someone just got ganked ” Nope sorry to burst your bubble buddy it was someone in general complaining and I thought it would be an alright suggestion.