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  • Hey, i was wondering, i have a T7 hunter lodge in martlock, the capacity of production is pretty much always at 0% when its the UTC day ^^. And i wonder if i uppgrade my plot for T8 if it will get more capacity of production faster ? Thanks you ! PS: i know somme people might troll, or give false infos, but its better than nothing !..

  • Land/plots, auctions/bids *Bug* ?

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    Hi guys, i have a bug, its not my first time doing actions, and my 4th time deffending my plot. But since the last uptate i am experiencing a bug in my opinion, this was not like that before, for sure. So i will give my case as an exemple : My plot is having minimum 11m bids by oumelouny on it, and so when i put 5m on it, because i dont know when i put the money, how much th biggest bid is, i see that i dont have enough to save it atm, so i go get 5m more (selling shits...), and come back to put…

  • The software is in the law of the game. If people want to use it, you just need to instal Java (if you havent) : And then you can download the software here, 100% free fast download : if this software have succes i will add a search option to find item more easily the first times, and also make a spanish, russian and french version. Thanks guys ! Keep giving feedbacks, always motivate and make people see this thread.

  • Good Morning ! Ive made this software that people can use to make bils more easier, like that : - Name (Tier).(enchant) - Price - Quantity - SubTotal - . - Morgana Halberd Head T4 - 1050 - 314 - 329700 - Ancient Hammer Head T4 - 1050 - 327 - 343350 - Ancient Chain Rings T4 - 1700 - 90 - 153000 - Keeper Spearhead T4 - 1750 - 69 - 120750 - Alluring Crystal T4 - 1590 - 374 - 594660 - Total for T4 :1541460 - . - Morgana Halberd Head T5 - 1250 - 193 - 241250 - Ancient Hammer Head T5 - 1290 - 87 - 112…

  • Hi, i was thinking about a program that i work on, wich gonna help player sell items more fast by creating bills with your items, prices and quantity, so that after it makes a bill list in a bloc note, with the end price at the end, the goal with that would be to give the bill to clients in discord, like a lot of people do trading there, my self i do a lot of trading with Artifacts, so pretty long to write them all, search the names, give price, quantity, calculate the overall price. Now that yo…

  • Bridgewatch vXUMLGp.png

  • Good morning. I will try to be fast but precise, i am a plot owner and i wish having multiple in the futur. I found my self writing down a lot of informations about the bids i make on others plots, about the worth besside food, taxes and what money the others make based on the food and their taxes.. only with that i am founding my self with a ton of paper, fun % of what is really worth at the end, but i would like to not waste all my time to find a paper in all that. So for that ''problem'' i fo…

  • Good morning ! I changed the Caerleon image, the first one was prety dirty.. so yeah, anjoy !

  • You are not doing the month review anymore ? :x

  • Good morning ! Thanks to everyone, i was not hopping people to like my idea, and that make me want to make the other more faster ! I will respond to you after this picture : UFEhZ5u.png So here is Fort Sterling maps, hope its a good design for all people ! Now response time ! Saya: I hope so, or maybe at least help a lot of future plot buyer ! Kutweer: Thanks for the help ! Deffinitly Help me. Skitted: Thanks for the idea ! actualy thats simple, but need to be thinking Its very more clean/Proffe…

  • Holly... Wood, to not say fuck, you are so good ! and it only take a t4 set :o... I never do pvp eccept for zvz (heal) but you my boy make want to do some :o !!! I feel super excited and i am just a 50% of the video !

  • Hi, Here i will post a picture of each major city plots. So there gonna be 6, here is one lVyQUBr.png ~Requiescat in pace