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  • HO's should only be allowed one per guild. Access options set at guild, alliance, public as only 3 choices. Still with this many small guilds will not have HO placement capability without being picked on by large alliance during placement. The resolution with that is either make BZ cities more livable by adding stations or adding even more realm gate portal options per city for more BZ access.

  • Small scale concerns/issues are not being discussed at all in the open by the devs. Their focus seems to be 100% zerg debuff and cluster queue. I hope this view changes at some point since small scale is actually more of the constant played activity in the game compared to that of ZvZ.

  • Arena is meant as a entry level practice spot for new players or players trying out a new weapon. Once you gain comfort you should be expanding to low lv Crystal's, yellow HGs, black HGs, high level Crystal etc. The more advanced 5s stair steps already exist.

  • Demon boots was a much needed and solid CD increase. If the purpose of demon boots is to escape an out numbered situation than the long CD has no impact on that scenario as they still can use them and mount up etc. But in current state with same CD as other boots they are extremely OP in 1v1 or 2v2 situations (which right now 2v2 is the most popular streamed content in all of Albion btw). Ray of light was always a broken low CD as well for the damage/utility provided so another solid change. Yea…

  • Would be nice they need to put some of their focus on small scale and solo. They are wasting so much time with this zerg mechanic shit that is getting nowhere anyway.

  • "Solo" Dungeons

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    The game is in a really bad spot for players really looking to solo PvP. The OW is ridiculous if you flag in the red zone you get zerged by 100 blues and if you go to black you either find empty zones for days or once again groups of 10. In SRDs you encounter groups of 3+ running the solo dungeons on a regular basis (which I agree is part caused by the damn shitters who dive solo's with 3+ as well). If you finally get a 1v1 fight the opponent often has the cancer undead cape/demon boot combo bec…

  • Would I be allowed to acquire said black skin as a white person without being ridiculed?

  • Interesting. I had never even heard of GEforce Now until so many people flooded the forums about it.

  • Play 1h or great frost is also fast clear speeds if you are looking for more of a range type. It gets even more fast once you unlock the shard AoE Q. But frost has AoE W/E as well to help with quick mob group clears.

  • Arena has several enhancements incoming with the next patch (I assume this coming week). You can read about it on the test server patch notes forum.

  • "Solo" Dungeons

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    Divers would have to bring a ridiculous amount of people to account for having a group sit outside to chase as well as the group inside in case the other group actually will fight and not simply A out. I do not know any dive parties personally that play that way. We typically go with a small group of 4 to 5 looking to fight other groups of 4 to 7.

  • Yep new post with the same story. The 2s HG design is the flaw. It encourages infinite kite builds instead of the intended fight for the chest. It is not fun play for all the non trolls even if you still end up getting the chest 90% of the time. @Retroman I get there is a lot of balance items on the devs plate but the 2s design really needs to be revamped to fit the original vision of the devs to be a high risk high reward fight area. Currently it is extremely low risk with high reward opportuni…

  • "Solo" Dungeons

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    Agreed Serene and on the flip side virtually all FF groups now uses scout and just As out safely now so BZ group dungeon diving is dead content. Both the scenario you mentioned and the one I just mentioned are equally bad for the game. Would you feel a balance of getting a global notification of enemies have entered (this would remove the scout need today) would be a good balance if the quick A out was also removed or increased? Instead portals exits would be in final boss rooms etc so you could…

  • It is a fair assessment. Contact rates for me when I solo dive SRDs in T7/T8 zones is about 1 contact for every 15 dungeons checked. It is terrible. All these dungeons up everywhere that no players seem to run. I have always been an advocate of extremely buffing the fame/rewards in these to help offset dive risk. Hopefull the upcoming new corrupted dungeons will have proper rewards to drive popularity. Albion needs to provide more reliable/rewarding content for solo players the community is star…

  • You could "possibly" argue healers especially holy do have strong heal output but they certainly are not easy to play. Playing healer you need to constantly monitor/rotate targets while you have tanks/DPS on your ass. It is a little more simple in 2s yes but gets tougher as you go to 5s.

  • Ganking simulator

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    The BZ is actually already huge and honestly mostly dead. The problem is limited realm gate entry funnels lead to excessive ganking in those limited places all players are forced to travel. One easy change is going back to 6 spread out realm gates per BZ city. Each realm gate having 4 exits. This will not stop ganking as ganking should exist however it would be much harder to just camp limited forced paths.

  • It feels like these disarray and smart cluster changes have actually caused more problems than they have solved. Just remove them both for simplicity and enable friendly fire outside of groups. Done and done.

  • You are choosing to run your stuff to Caerleon for what I can only assume for better profit. Otherwise you could choose to just sell your stuff in your home Royal city for slightly less profit. Risk/reward no?

  • Removing solo dungeons would take away literally the only current content that potential exists for solo playstyle. Which believe or not a large base exists Albion that is craving solo content that involves PvP. You will find out when the new corrupted dungeons come out and will be hugely popular (assuming SBI does not butcher the implementation). Even those who like group content enjoy having the option for solo during group downtime.

  • Ganking needs to be nerfed

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    It is a problem driven from lack of OW small scale PvP hot spots. The devs really need to get that piece figured out. PvPers will always want content and unfortunately will not always have the numbers/composition available to run 5s so they tend to gravitate towards either ganking or diving. Group dungeon diving is dead content because of scouts/A out which further reduces the content available. To make it worse the BZ solo dungeons are mostly empty moving many of the hunters to red zones making…