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  • Quote from Igor: “Quote from Doofenshmirtz: “I like almost all of it, but as an adult with a job and family, I do feel marginalized by the gold issue. As another said, it was pay to keep up for me. So now there is no gold sliding bar and some people claiming to play upwards of 20 hours a day. Kinda feeling pushed to the side a bit. I know it's alpha, and of course I'm willing to see how it goes, but I think you just might have discouraged a large, paying demographic from playing.” Not really you…

  • I'm a little conserned over the Gold removal in paying for stuff. I work full time and have a family, this means little time and alot of money. Last alpha I was able to get an island and craft with my limited play time using Gold. This was fun and by no means was I paying to win, it was more like pay to keep up. I did farm silver but this was a huge time sink. I'm hopeful with the silver change that I wont feel the Gold change as much. Road map is looking good guys, keep it up! What will be the …

  • Count to 2 Thousand

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    01000101 - 69

  • iOS?

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    Testing with testflight on iOS is not that bad. I believe the max tester is currently 1,000 devices. However it would be a headache for SI to add users and have to keep up with people buying new devices.

  • Sounds like the durability was already low when you died. You'll have to wait for next alpha, or kill someone and take theirs

  • Diversity of Zones

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    I like your idea on impassible zones and I'll raise you one. I'd like to see some zones have multiple exits into adjacent zones, if any exits. Right now it feels way to linear. The maps feel as it you have to follow specific entry and exit points, whether it be to another map or locations within the zone. It makes it feel small.

  • I don't think there should be a guild cap. If your guild is at cap and you bring some RL friends into albion, They could not join your guild.

  • have to download the game every day

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    I moved from win xp to a vista 7 box and no longer have the issue.

  • This is my first alpha testing period and I'm lucky enough to play at work. However, I'm at the point that I'd rather work then play Albion. Makes me sad For me I think it's the fact that I can't grind up enough before the end of Alpha. So the lack of reward is leading to a lack of motivation.

  • Quote from Draik: “I like the idea but I can think too many ways of exploiting this system. My point of view is that instead of collision your character should be slowed when passing through other players/NPCs. This way it wouldn't be so easy to sprint through group of enemies or friendlies and you have to move as a group and as group size grows this is exponentially harder. The slow should be significant enough to actually matter but it would also be much harder to abuse than collision that com…

  • Mod please remove

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    Quote from DR.NOMAD: “Hi, I have come across this MMO quick recently and was even about to purchase it until I saw that there was a Premium account feature. I get that it is a way to bring income into a game but it kind of makes it unfair on players such as me who would not be able to afford a premium status, it also makes it look a bit like WOW in this respect. I mean gold is fair enough because it can be used for vanity items/pay for things instead of silver but isn't allowing players to purch…

  • Quote from Rhydian: “I think they do need some way to disengage/kite for ranged attacks. As is the fatal flaw in combat to me is everything moves one way, forward. Some degree of skill is involved but right now its whackamole. I know were trying to keep things oldschool, but not that oldschool. Even old Diku muds had dirt kick, dodge, leap, jump etc. Perhaps more leg armor abilities it does really seem flawed to me as is.I can gain some distance with bow, but not often and there is NO penalty as…

  • This is true, however a box based collision detection would also limit the number of players on the screen. This would be do to environmental layout and player collision. Could be very doable. Simply flagging a square as occupied would greatly reduce mem usage. Not knowing the specifics of their movement system makes it hard to theory code.

  • Quote from EmoSmily: “It'd be cool but I feel like it would cause quite a few nasty problems in safe zones with people blocking gates or dungeons so only they can get to them and such.” It could be restricted to pvp zones Quote from Audin: “You need to do some research on Collision Detection. All games have a Physics engine. With more collisions brings more memory use which slows down the game. The basic rule is: more objects require more computations and more memory. Think about it this way: wh…

  • I've been trying to play a bow ranger which is basically another from of melee, being no way to kite. In large scale pvp, players can run through the front lines and attack any ranged users. What if player collision was turned on? This would stop large zergs from grouping up onto a single space. This would make larger groups spread out, much like a real army. There would be a limited number of melee players that could attack a target, thus creating a need for archers and other ranged. I feel tha…

  • Big guilds and the issues...

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    Quote from SpaceOdyn: “Player collision among party/guild/alliance members maybe? right now zergs are ridiculous because of the "death ball" moving as one big unit and damaging at the same time. with collision only a few people would be able to fight at a time. also its kinda crazy like 50 people can hide in one corner and take only 1 spot” I like this idea. It would also create a reason to have archers in a group.It would force larger groups to spread out.

  • 1. More skill in combat. I'd love to see combat become more fluid with more movement and the ability to dodge attacks. 2. Silver cost and farming has begun to leech the fun out of Albion for me. 3. More uniqueness in abilities and weapons.

  • I've played as a Ranger with bow since the start of alpha (Get laughed at) and I have a few thoughts on the state of bow rangers. First off the range seems way to short. I really feel like a melee character without the defense. It's even hard pulling off a pinning shot before a mob/player reacts and closes the distance. In all honesty the bow mechanics are plain boring. Whats the benefit of reduced range damage modifier? It does not seem to be the distance from the target.

  • * Fast shot" on bows is now an instant (was a 1.5 second cast) and has a 3 second cooldown. Its damage was adjusted down by 21% * Reduced cast time of "Pinning Shot" on bows from 3 to 1.5 seconds and reduced its damage and slow duration by 34%. * Increased cooldown of "Disorienting Shot" on bows from 10 to 20 seconds and increased its damage and slow duration by 100% * Changed the icon of "Disorienting Shot"