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  • Right now Occult Staff "E" does not scale with IP apart from higher mana costs. Since the effect it gives is extremely powerful, I think a rewarding scaling is by giving it a scaling width, making it much more powerful in ZVZ by having a larger cover area without giving an actual stronger effect. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

  • Cluster Queue

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    Can we do something about the way castles and outposts work? Right now we have alliances/guilds sending literally +100 people just to defend small outposts. I would like to suggests each map having a 2nd prime time that is exactly 12 hours ahead of the original prime time. 1st prime time provides 75% of the current points for castles/outposts. 2nd prime time provides 25% of the current points for castles/outposts. Such a system isn't complicated but will add alot more contestable locations all a…

  • If it means anything, any invisibility spell such as Undead cape, will break the channel ability iirc

  • Time to have a flood of sheeps do the exact same tactics so they don't become viable strategies anymore :V

  • Hi Hood of Tenacity is a really interesting spell however it fails to deliver meaningful effects. I think all that it really needs to be viable is to either increase the radius a bit larger, or simply have the AoE follow you around, similar to Hellion Jacket. If we could implement either of those 2 buffs, it would put Hood of Tenacity at a much more viable state. Thanks for reading

  • Quote: “Other Changes - Damage from yourself or allies is no longer lethal, and now results only in knockdown ”

  • [19. May 2020] Queen Patch 12

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    Im happy for the Arcane Q ability but that still doesn't solve the issue that Arcane is difficult to fame farm in dungeons or solo. (Low damage, high cooldown) This new ability would have been much better as a stronger longer cooldown "W" ability, and to change current Q to some sort of chain lightning effect for better wave clear. Right now the W purge ability is great but feels very underwhelming compared to the cleanse, could we consider making it opposite to cleanse? E.g. Remove Enemy buffs …

  • Quote from MysticDream: “Quote from Sinatra.SUN: “Would work for me as well, technically a tribute system for players. We have that today, and its a lot of excell gaming and a ton of admin for 435 players. In many ways its a better system than silver tax, since silver tax only taxes pve'ers while the professions that really makes money go free. so a daily,weekly or monthly tribute system would be welcome as well. Ps. If the argument from players is that they dont want to support greedy guild lea…

  • Instead of giving powerful guilds things that only make them stronger and dominate more, why not just give better vanity rewards? Ex: Mount Skins, Appearance skins, etc

  • I want this too.

  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Quote from DopyDoge: “How many season points do world bosses generate? ” from the current Staging Patchnotes (still subject to change prior to deployment): Season 9 Change: Season Points from Veteran and World Bosses Veteran Bosses (found in static open-world dungeons) and World Bosses in the Outlands now give Season Points. These bosses give the following base Season Point amounts when defeated: - Tier 5: Veteran Boss - 3 points - Tier 6: Veteran Boss - 4 points - Tie…

  • Quote from Korn: “Hey there, we discussed this internally and decided against this. The main reason is that it would provide individual players an incentive to dodge such a tax by saving up silver bags for a long time and then leaving their guild before cashing them. We felt that providing such an incentive would be bad for game as it would give rise to guild internal conflict and a higher churn rate of guild members - not good in a social game such as Albion. Even if the feature was optional, w…

  • Are there any plans on making crafting more rewarding for players instead of returns? Right now the only quality tiers that really matter are Excellent and Masterpiece but the chance of getting them from 0 to 400 spec isn't that noticeable of an improvement...

  • Quote from gmatagmis: “No. Confirmed by @Korn. Description wrong. ” they should probably fix that... To be honest, I would love to have an option to use focus for better quality and not resource return rate

  • Quote from Mytherceria: “Yes. ” can we get some numbers? How much better of a chance does it give you?

  • Quality Crafting

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    Yes it will change quality.

  • Quote from iRawr: “Its not a rumors, devs clearly sayd about it in the roadmap video. Avalonian weapons will have they own spec line. ” i heard from some guild mates that you won't be able to use combat fame to spec it up, is that true?

  • Quote from Hollywoodi: “Swords are strong as ... But touching parry is nonsense. The issue of swords is NOT parry and if you take your time and play it s bit you will see. The issue is "best mobility on super good damage". So if u want balance sword, leave parry but adjust heroic and half the speedbuff of it. 18% run speed is still decent on 3 stacks but no more crazy.. But for heaven sake leave parry alone. All you will achieve is that another W is default.. ” ironically sword Q gives better mo…

  • Have you had any effective solutions to AoE damage? Wizards with the AoE lightning wipes us out often and unless everyone is spread it's difficult to efficiently use Royal Robes/Jackets. I've contemplated on using Judi + Locus but it seems like an awful idea in practice.

  • Is there anything going to be done for the static dungeon mobs above ground? (The solo area) Those mobs still give bad loot/fame compared to the rest of the open world mobs.