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  • Quote from kheeta: “1h dagger with new Q and throwing knives (or chain slash) is rly not bad in clear speed especially high lvl dgs where high burst, mana and hp sustain is same important as AOE dmg In right build it could successfully manage 2-3 divers Having 400/400 swords, 350/400axes,300+/400 bows and 400/400 daggers I’m using 1h dagger build for FF and finding solo pvp in srds In my opinion it’s much more usable vs2-3 divers especially if divers have healer Native mana sustain, high burst t…

  • I took my Axes all the way to 400/400 then started putting the credits towards Swords. I can't remember at what level I actually stopped using Axes and moved to using Swords as my actual weapon but I haven't used Axes since. I play solo. Mainly RDGs. Swords now at 400/400. I find it quick to clear mobs and I usually win when getting dived by 1 or 2 gankers.

  • You need a new keyboard - your 'caps-lock' is stuck. Jokes aside, I'd like to hear a dev reply on this. Seems there's quite a few valuable players out there that were using GFN.

  • last month I thought I went to work but today I realised I hadn’t. Can I get paid?

  • I played 3 matches yesterday. Each one took less than a minute of queuing and no dropped queues at all. Maybe I just got lucky.

  • Quote from keyfouyr: “letting people buy LP consistently would have effects on the economy ” explain

  • I like this idea. However, I think it should include any subscribers that use real money for Premium, regardless of commitment length. Longer subscription commitments already benefit from cheaper pricing.

  • Allow Gender Change

    SHARKY - - Feedback & Suggestions


    There's plenty of costumes available to buy so you can play dress-up.

  • I would definitely recommend turning on the Auto-Respec as per the other suggestions, but be keep an eye on your silver, as there's nothing more annoying than farming SRDs and then realising that your silver is so low, that you're no longer feeding the Auto-Respec and your'e back down to the free 20%, instead of 80% fame credits. When I go out to SRDs in full 400/400 gear, I always make sure I go out with at least 500k silver. Edit: as a sidenote - you still ALWAYS get 100% of the fame go toward…

  • New Spanish player

    SHARKY - - Guild Recruitment


    Hey @Zhyzhak, welcome back to the game! If you've not found it already, there's a Spanish section on the forum that should help you with finding the perfect guild:…-en-espa%C3%B1ol-Spanish/

  • Lost access to TestFlight

    SHARKY - - iOS Test Forum


    You need to be signed into TestFlight with the same Apple ID you used previously. If you can't use that ID for any reason then you'll need to reapply via the signup form. You'll also lose access if you haven't signed into the iOS game for a period of time, as Apple remove inactive accounts from the beta. Again, if that's happened you'll need to reapply via the form:

  • Welcome! Beginners tip #1: never press DIE - you'll lose everything you have in your inventory. Beginners tip #2: Don't bother duelling naked dudes in cities - it's a scam. Beginners tip #3: When queuing for Arena you don't have to wait outside the Arena entrance. You can still go out to Blue and Yellow zones gathering, killing mobs and running dungeons. You can even join the queue from those locations via the 'Activities' menu.

  • PVP Fame

    SHARKY - - General Questions & Discussions


    If PvP fame went towards levelling up gear, it would be massively abused. PvP fame is merely for our egos - which I have no problem with.

  • Learning Points

    SHARKY - - Beginner's Questions


    You have to complete the 'Daily Bonus' of the Adventures Challenge. All that involves is earning 1200 points through any activities like killing mobs, gathering resources, tending your islands farm etc. Just click the small 'keyhole' icon, below your destiny board progress icons, in-game, for more details.

  • Chill - it's hardly game breaking. I pay premium - I hadn't even noticed the issue.

  • You've already posted in the original thread for this error, for which there was a Dev reply - why would you start a new thread???

  • iOS version?

    SHARKY - - iOS Test Forum


    You'll have to sign up again and rejoin the queue: iOS Beta FAQ

  • iOS version?

    SHARKY - - iOS Test Forum


    The beta is still very much in full swing, but if you've been inactive then Apple will have removed you.

  • Quote from Iroshi: “Quote from Hollywoodi: “I WAS a solo player.. But I just log now, if some asks for 2 / 5 hg or crystal.. I was unlucky the last 10 days to get reasonable solo content.. I need to dive for 30 mins to get one solo player.. usually people fame solo dungeons in groups of 2-4 Game is toxic for solo at the moment in my eyes .. I assume the update for July.. ” So you gank solo people in solo dungeons and complain about the game being toxic for solo players? Reads like you are part o…