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  • have you even tried attack speed dagger??????????? FUCKING REK!!! Kill a t8 healer with a t4.1 dagger with pure attack speed buffs and attack speed spells.

  • Fiend Robe

    lordof420 - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    there are boots or helms that make it so you don't get displaced by the fear. l2read??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Would be nice to have more passive items in the game: maybe a ring that heals you when you fall below a certain threshold and that is destroyed on use or just has a retarded cd of around 4 mins. Also would be nice to have 2k mute slots as to not waste the time of the Game masters by reporting like a pussy punk BITCH for some dumb shit. thanks!

  • Fix Arena Qeues

    lordof420 - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Nah. Me spend like 8m+ on arena gear to not heal you. git gud and git better gear sets so you don't have to leech of a healer that needs to babysit you cause you zerg mid and die in 3 seconds.