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  • [26. February 2020] Queen Patch 5

    Pherolie - - Patch Notes


    Quote from Eltharyon: “Quote from fballarino: “Why do we have T6 crap in T8 maps now ? ” Tier 6 resources were re-added back into Tier 8 clusters because this was requested by many players. Do you have any concerns about this change? Quote from Robinhoodrs: “Wtf are those resource changes, jesus... it just keeps getting worse. Pissed I wasted so much LP on T8 tree gathering now. ” This feedback is directly based on the feedback collected from various gathering players who were unhappy about T7/T…

  • Lymhurst Fiber Refining Bonus

    Pherolie - - Bugs


    Well if my memory is correct we were getting 35% resource return rate on the weaver at Lymhurst without focus, and with focus it was 53% before Queen. So when it is specified as "Increased city-specific refining bonuses of Royal Cities and their islands from 35% to 40%" . 40% return rate is expected. So initially it is hard to think as compounded refining bonus as we had the same base 35%.